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Molly Dog

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Molly.  Our big dog.  Remember her?  Well, she's our big ole' family dog.   I've always been a dog person.  I have had dogs my whole life.  Loved them. (Since I'm deathly allergic to cats….dogs…Read More

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Chick-fil-A NEW Grilled Chicken Recipe

You might remember that I’m a blogger ambassador for Chick-fil-A Houston Road.  It’s so easy to be an ambassador for them since I truly love the company and the food!  :)  We would go there all the time regardless. I’m really excited about so many things they are doing.  Chick-fil-A is always making improvements on…Read More


Good Tips Tuesday 3/14

I love Good Tips Tuesday Day!  I just love seeing what you guys have come up with every week.  We have such creative readers.  I love you guys! We want this to be a resource for you to find Good Tips for your life, home, kids and everything in between! So what kinds of posts…Read More


Silhouette Cameo Easter Carrot Craft

Hello readers! I am excited to be here today to share with you this CUTE craft, if I don’t say so myself, that I made! I got the idea from pinterest, where else, am I right?! I love how my project turned out! Even though it’s a LOT more simple than the one I found…Read More


Green B.E.A.N. Delivery {and a coupon code}

I love Green B.E.A.N. We used it for a little while a few years ago and I had forgotten how fabulous it was.  What is Green B.E.A.N.?  I’m so glad you asked.  ;)  It’s a year-round food delivery service that brings only the freshest local and organic produce AND natural groceries right to your doorstep!! Just…Read More


Good Tips Tuesday 1/27

I can’t wait to see what all you lovely people have been up to this week! We want this to be a resource for you to find Good Tips for your life, home, kids and everything in between! So what kinds of posts are you able to link up now? Check out this awesome list!…Read More


A lesson for kids about saving and giving

So, we’re doing a rice and beans fast this week with our church.   I really, really wanted my kids (3 and 5) to participate and engage in this journey with us.   First of all, I’m way too busy (and luckily we have no food allergies) so I completely refuse to cook two meals….Read More


Recipe Round-up :: Rice and Beans

Recipe Round-up :: Rice and Beans Our church did this crazy experiment last year….. a church wide fast to save money so we could invest in organizations outside of our church and change our city and the world.  Ambitious?  Yes! The plan was to eat nothing but rice and beans for a week, and then donate…Read More


Review: Henry IV, parts 1 & 2

**Post written by James Proffitt – Stephanie’s Shakespeare loving husband. “A plague of sighing and grief! It blows a man up like a bladder.” – Falstaff, Henry IV part 1 (Before I get going, I must forewarn you that I ramble quite a bit in this entry to give the play’s tone and Shakespeare himself…Read More


Good Tips Tuesday 3.31

I can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to this week.  I got some great ideas last week.  I can’t wait to clean my oven and make some of the recipes from last week.  Well, I’m not actually looking forward to cleaning my oven, but I am looking forward to having a…Read More