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The last day of school is right around the corner!  I know, I know…. it’s almost summer, and the last thing we want to think about is homework.  ACK!  But, summer is a seriously great time to make learning seem like playing!  Sneak some learning in there somewhere this summer!

Don’t let the summer learning loss hit you!  :)

There are always those summer days that are too hot or too rainy to do much.  (And there are lots of summer days when my kids get bored and whiny.)  Those are the perfect times to break out one of these books.

The lovely and awesome Amy has made us a cool printable book series to help squash summer reading loss.

 They are all very repetitive and cute and easy to print out and put together.  The kids will love coloring them and having their own little  books to read and keep.

You can also easily expand the concepts for even more fun!

After the kids color and read the Bug Book….have “Ants on a log” as a snack.  Go out in the yard and find, “one bug, two bugs, three bugs”.    Catch fireflies at night.

After the Flower Book, go on a scavenger hunt around the neighbor hood and fund  “a yellow flower, a red flower or a blue flower”.    Make tissue paper flowers as a craft.

After the Hat Book, play dress up and wear a “green hat, a brown hat, and a gray hat”.    Make easy Sombrero Cookies as a sweet treat.

I would love to know what ways you come up with to expand them.

Each book is 8+ pages long.

Click here to download the “Bug Book

Click here to download the “Flower Book”

Click here to download the “Hat Book”



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kidwash 002

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{and 16 more cheap and simple ideas to keep the kids busy}


Amy is a daytime graphic artist and full-time mother, wife and daughter.  She has two adorable boys who fill her days with dirt, noise and love.  She quit practicing architecture and took up graphic design to spend more time with her boys.  She couldn’t find the perfect birth announcement for her first baby, so she made her own and hasn’t looked back since!   Designing the perfect invitations and prints for people’s special events is much more fulfilling and fun for her than designing stairwells and bathrooms.  

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