cute owl craft

There’s been an abundance of rainy days around here.
Here’s a cute rainy day craft for ya.
It uses things you most likely have laying around.  And they LOVED it!  It occupied them for a long time.  Simple.  Cheap.  Perfect.  Plus now we have an adorable army of colorful owls.  I’m not entirely sure what to do with them now?  Christmas ornaments perhaps?  I dunno yet.
The kids use them as finger puppets.  That’s all we’ve come up with so far.
(But they really do enjoy having a whole family of owls on their fingers.)
Step one.  Gather empty toilet paper tubes from all bathrooms.  We had an embarrassing amount.  I clearly don’t empty the bathroom garbages often enough.  But to be fair, the only thing we ever put in the downstairs bathrooms is empty toilet paper tubes… it’s not as gross as it sounds.  :)
I cut a few in half so we would have baby owls.
Step two.  Fold half of the top down.
Step three.  Fold the other side in.  See, now it kind of looks like an owl head.
Step four.  Have the kids paint them.  They really, really got into this.  It was adorable.  We used Crayola washable 10 pack.  It’s great and has really fun colors.  (And it’s washable!)
Step five.  Let the paint dry.  This took some time.  Overnight for us.  Mainly because the kids used SOOO much paint.  After the paint dries the owls are really stiff.  Which is good.
Step six.  Cut out some orange triangles for beaks.  I used orange paper.
Cut out some wing shapes.  I used fabric scraps, but pretty paper would be perfect too.
Dig up some googley eyes.
Grab the glue.
Step seven.  I just gave the kids all the parts and let them glue them to the owls themselves.  I had to help the bean, which is why there are no pictures of this part.  My fingers were covered in glue.  They loved putting the eyes and beaks on.  I love the ones that have two different sized eyes and crooked beaks.  They’re my favorite.
Step eight.  Enjoy your adorable owls.  Have a puppet show?  They are just so cute!!
Oh yeah and……
(picture via handmaderyangosling)
at least he knows.  haha.
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  1. says

    First of all- I stink’n LAUGH OUT LOUD when I see those pics of Ryan (yes, we are on a first name basis) on Pinteret. Love them. Love him.
    2ndly- of course you made these. I just saw some similar (yours are cuter) on pinterest and thought, ” I should make these in Craft Club.”
    WE ARE OF ONE MIND. Just so you know.

  2. Maria Iemma says

    My granddaughter loves owls and this would be a wonderful craft we can do together. I think I havee verything I need at home already

  3. Nadine Elhathat says

    GREAT project for Back To School in September for my Pre-K class! I see a 3-D bulletin board with Look who’s in PK 209!!!


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