thrifted pinstripe pants wreath

A wreath made out of PANTS!!!
:)I made my first striped wreath here, as a gift, using wide ribbon.  I liked it so much I knew I wanted to make one for myself.  But, being so frugal (cheap) I didn’t really want to go back to Hobby Lobby to buy more ribbon.  I thought maybe I had something in my stash that I could use.

Enter thrift-ed seersucker pinstripe pants!
I picked these bad boys up at a yard sale last year for a quarter.  I knew I would put them to good use someday!  (said like a hoarder – I already know)  haha.

How to make your own pants wreath…..

1.  Get some pants and a wreath form.  I think an old suit would make a cool wreath too.   Or jeans!
2.  Cut the pants into strips.
3.  Glue the strips onto the wreath form.

4.  I ended each strip on the back of the wreath form so they wouldn’t show.  See above.
5.  Make some happy felt flowers.  Glue them on the wreath.
6.  I hot glued the flower layers together and then used embroidery floss to make an X on the top layer only.  It only looks like I sewed the whole thing together.  I faked it.  haha.

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  1. can i just buy it from you when you’re done?? or perhaps make it like the blood water belt and all money paid to “rent” it would go to your favorite charity!
    just a thought…blessings!

  2. Cute ! I am totally stealing this idea! :)
    I need a new wreath. I cant seem to find the one I made last spring. imagine…

  3. I had to see how to make a wreath from pants. LOL! It turned out great ! I would love it if you would share this great idea on my new link party, Dare to Share.



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