easy floating ghosts

The kiddies and I made these fun decorations last week.  I saw the idea on Pinterest.  You can check out the great tutorial here at Everyday is a Crafting Day.  
It really was easy.  I remembered to pick up some cheesecloth on my last trip to the grocery store.  I had everything else.  I didn’t have styrofoam balls (for the heads) so I just used balloons and duct tape.  I think they turned out so cute!  
We kept them on our ledge for a few days, but I LOVE them outside.  I used a little fishing line to hang them up.  They’re festive.  

I raided the recycling bin to get the bottles.  I only had one two liter in there, so I used an empty juice bottle for the second ghost.  It’s a little shorter, but actually worked better because it didn’t blow over in the wind as easily.  (or with the force of the sprays – depending on how close the kids get)  

Fill up the spray bottles with starch and have at it. 
Stick out your tongue while spraying for best results.
While waiting for the starch to dry, pull out every single toy from the garage and surround yourself with them.  
Dump out the sidewalk chalk.  
Read books in the grass.  
Wear a bike helmet.  
When they are all dry and hard, cut out some eyes from felt and glue them on.  I used eyes and a smile so they would be friendly.  :)  I even put a bow on Lucie’s.  


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    Just found your blog through Pintrest (I know…too much time wasted) and I love it! Thank you for all of the great ideas. Looking forward to adding to my ever growing list of crafts and art projects.

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