Spring Cleaning {GIVEAWAY}


OK.  Well, it’s (finally) officially Spring.  Around here that means the birds are chirping (and nesting in my ferns.)  The grass is green.  The flowers are blooming.  The trees have leaves.  We play outside every minute we can.

Aaaaannd I need to clean my house.  I mean really DEEP CLEAN the whole place.  Ya know, Spring clean!?  Yeah.  It’s bad.  Where does all this stuff and dirt and dust even come from.  I know it was a long winter, so maybe that’s why I feel like my house is extra clutter-y and dirty!

I jumped at the chance when my friend asked if I would like to try out some Shaklee cleaning products.  I mean, I’m not a huge fan of cleaning, so I thought some fun new products would help ‘get me in the mood.’  I WAS RIGHT!  The bottles alone are too cute and fun.

Almost makes you want to clean, don’t they?


I’ve heard of Shaklee before, but I actually thought the only sold shakes.  haha.  The name perhaps fooled me?  Anyway, they have way more than weight loss shakes.  These cleaning products are awesome.


GetCleanMiniKit The Get Clean Household Mini Kit is what my friend Dani sent me.  I mean.  This thing is amazing.  First of all the Get Clean Basic H2 bottle of concentrate makes 48 gallons of cleaner. FORTY EIGHT GALLONS.  That is not mini in my book.

I love the fact that they are all safe, powerful, green and smart!  I dig healthier cleaning choices.  It’s so safe that I can feel GREAT about letting the kids ‘help’.  (aka: groom them to take over all cleaning responsibilities)  😉  I need to fill up the awesome kits I made them with some of this stuff.

One bottle of concentrate can make all kinds of different cleaners, with just a few drops.   This stuff works, too.  No streaks.  Just clean.


This bottle of concentrate is 12.15 ($10.35 if you become a member) but it makes so many kinds of cleaners.  Window cleaner, degreaser and all-purpose cleaner too.  You can fill up your spray bottle 384 times!  So, each bottle of hardworking, green cleaner costs only 3 cents!  WHAT?  You know you need some.  Check it out here.



I love this stuff.

And I can’t wait to try out the Scour Off Oven Cleaner.  My oven is TERRIBLE.  And I mean “every time I make a pizza the smoke detector goes off” kind of terrible.  (not because I am a bad cook either, I make a mean pizza!!)  😉

I hesitate to use traditional oven cleaners.  They kinda scare me.  So, I am excited to use this stuff with no harsh chemicals.  It actually smells awesome.  Like berries.

“Tough enough to clean of burnt-on food in my oven without burning my nose hairs!”


Would you like to try some out?  I have GOOD NEWS!

We are giving some away.  SIX people will win!  YEAH!

First Place Winner :  Scour Off Paste & 1 Basic H2 Sample (the sample is enough concentrate to make 1 bottle of All Purpose Cleaner AND 1 bottle of Window Cleaner.)

Four Runners Up : 1 Basic H2 Sample (the sample is enough concentrate to make 1 bottle of All Purpose Cleaner and 1 bottle of Window Cleaner)

Sweet!  Enter Below.

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(PS!  If you are looking for a great way to make a little extra money or even just to get a discount on awesome products.   Shaklee has so much more than just cleaning products!   Join Dani’s team – she rocks!  Learn more here.)


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