spring wreath

I decided that I wanted to make another yarn wreath for Spring.

But, they were all out of wreath forms the day I went to the store. Hum. I found a grape vine wreath for only 2.00 and decided to go with it. I had the eggs and the yarn already and thought it would be cute to have a nest with yarn covered eggs in it. (since I couldn’t have a yarn covered wreath)
I made a line of hot glue and wound the yarn around the egg. I repeated until it was covered.
I knew I wanted Spring flowers on it too and I knew I wanted to make them out of felt. I LOVE tulips and daffodils and hydrangeas. But, I figured that making convincing felt hydrangeas would be the easiest. I cut out flower shapes from my felt. Then I glued them (overlapping and scrunching them as I went) to a felt circle until it was as full as I liked. Then I hot glued a little pearl into the middle of each flower.

Then I glued all these pieces to the grapevine wreath. I actually really like the felt, yarn and pearl pieces with the natural look of the grapevine wreath. Who knew.
I happened to have a pearl ‘W’ so I stuck that in the nest too.

I like it. It’s happy. :)

Happy Spring!



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