New Year’s Eve Wreath


Kevin’s (the hubs) birthday is on New Year’s Eve.  Aaaand my Mom’s birthday is New Year’s Day.   Aaaaand my brother’s birthday is Christmas Day.  All these are days that no one really wants to attend a birthday party.  They have other things going on.  I know.  :)  This summer my sister-in-law threw my brother a surprise half birthday party!  Soo smart.  Two years ago I threw Kevin a birthday party on New Year’s Eve, and the theme was a beer tasting….so that people looking for a New Year’s Party would still come!  😉


This year we’re going bowling with the kids and the fam and then coming back to the house for pizza, presents and cake.  Of course, I still want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, too!  So, I made some decorations and have some fun things planned for the kids.  They can’t tell time yet, so their ringing in of the New Year will be MUCH MUCH earlier!  😉  I decided I needed a new cute, sparkly, festive wreath for the occasion.  So, I headed out to the Dollar Store.  10 minutes and 4 dollars later….I had a pretty new wreath.  Come on over to We Use Coupons to see how I did it.  :)



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