indian corn place cards


Happy Thanksgiving!

The bird and I were in charge of place cards this year & here’s what we came up with. (I’m sure I saw it somewhere – but I can’t remember where.)

Bubble wrap printed Indian corn! I think they turned out super cute. She had a blast making them. We got the bubble wrap at the Dollar Tree – everything else we had on hand.

Gather supplies. (fall colored paint, bubble wrap, paper, paint brush)

paint the bubble wrap.
paint and paint and paint some more.Pat the bubble wrap….ooo I love that chubby little kid hand. :)

Peel the bubble wrap. (she loved this part)

Show off your masterpiece to your little brother.
Have mom cut out corn shapes.

Have mom cut “husks” from a paper bag. Then crinkle them up. This was a fun part and Sam helped crinkle.
Have mom staple the husks to the corn and write a name. Done and done. I was going to glue them, but stapling worked out just fine. :) Less mess.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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