DIY Summer Wreath with Felt Flowers Four Ways


I ‘needed’ a new wreath for the front door.  I have a whole pinterest board of ridiculously awesome wreaths so I went there for some inspiration.  They are all so pretty, but I couldn’t find just what I was looking for.  And then I saw my friend Tracy’s instagram pic of the new wreath she made and I knew I had to make one immediately.  I am seriously drawn to color – it moves me!  :)   So I got to work.


What you need:

  • grapevine wreath  (I found my awesome giant wreath in someones garbage down the street! – Don’t judge!)  :)  It had dusty peach and teal silk flowers all over it!  It needed a make over.
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • ribbon
  • a letter (I spray painted mine yellow)
  • felt


What you do:

1.  Flower One

  • Cut a strip of felt.
  • Fold the strip over in half.  You could add some hot glue the bottom to keep it closed if you want.
  • Cut slits in the folded part, but do not cut all the way through.
  • Wrap and glue it into a spiral.
  • I love this flower.  You can really vary the way this one looks by the size of the felt strip that you start with and the length of the slits you cut.
  • You can also vary this flower by cutting your slits diagonally instead of straight.  Makes a whole different look at the end!  (the top light blue flower and bottom white flower in the wreath were made that way.)


2.  Flower Two

  • Cut 7 small circles out of your felt.
  • For 6 of the circles – fold in half and add a dab of glue to the middle.
  • Then fold in half again and add a dab of glue to the middle.
  • Glue 5 of the folded circles onto the last circle as shown.
  • Add the last folded circle to the middle.
  • You can vary the way this flower looks by the size of the circles that you start with too.  You can make tiny ones or huge ones.
  • You can make the larger ones look more full by adding another layer of folded circles, too.


3.  Flower Three

  • This flower is super easy and is a lot like flower one except you don’t fold the felt.
  • Cut a long strip of felt.
  • Cut slits in the felt, but don’t cut all the way through.
  • Wrap and glue the strip into a spiral.
  • This makes small flowers because I only have normal sized sheets of felt.   It’s easy to make them larger by repeating the steps with another piece of felt and glueing it around the flower as if you had a longer strip of felt.
  • You can vary this flower by starting with a wide strip and cutting your slits on the diagonal.  (see my small yellow flowers in the wreath)

summer_wreath4 4.    Flower Four

  • Cut a circle out of felt.
  • Cut a spiral out of the circle.
  • Starting at the end, wrap and glue your spiral tightly (but not too tightly).
  • Continue to wrap and glue until it’s a pretty spiral flower.
  • You can change the look of this version by varying the size of your circle and the size of your spiral.
  •  Play around with it and make different sizes.

summer_wreath1.jpg Isn’t it pretty?!  I just love the way it turned out!  So colorful and happy.  I smile every time I see it.  Happy Summer!

Do you like wreaths?

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