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  Hey guys!  This is Amy of ProffittProductions again with a free printable for you.

This is one that I personally use every day around our house.  My two boys, ages 6 and 4, are obsessed with video games and TV  time.

If they aren’t on a device, they’re begging for one.  It was driving me nuts.  I realized that I had to find a better system for managing their screen time. Something easy and something that they could really understand.

What I came up with is printable money (no, not the illegal kind…I wish money was that easy to come by!).

videomoney (1)

Each night before bedtime, the boys receive four printable money notes. Two each of 15 minute increments of tv and video game time to be redeemed the next day. Now the beauty of it is they have to turn in the notes to me in order to receive their time and I simply set my baking clock for 15 minutes.

They can cash in all at once or spread them out throughout the day. In my house, they can lose these privileges too (because I’m a mean mommy, apparently) for things like temper tantrums (rare, but they do happen), refusing to do homework, etc.

My oldest used to be terrible at getting out of bed 400 times a night too until he realized that on the third out-of-bed incident I started taking away a monetary note. Now he stays put unless it’s an emergency. I hope you find these time management devices just as useful.

I’ve created both 5 minute and 15 minute increments for you to use.  And I recommend laminating them if you have access to a laminator.


Click on the links below to download the notes you need.

Video Game Time :: 5 minute notes

Video Game Time ::  15 minute notes

TV Time ::  5 minute notes

TV Time :: 15 minute notes


Amy is a daytime graphic artist and full-time mother, wife and daughter.  She has two adorable boys who fill her days with dirt, noise and love.  She quit practicing architecture and took up graphic design to spend more time with her boys.  She couldn’t find the perfect birth announcement for her first baby, so she made her own and hasn’t looked back since!   Designing the perfect invitations and prints for people’s special events is much more fulfilling and fun for her than designing stairwells and bathrooms.  

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