Little Miss Sunshine Party

 I am so, so excited to introduce you to my friend Mandi today.  You are going to love her!  She totally rocks.  She has the sweetest family and I love them!  Her hubby is a photographer and has a rocking cool beard!  Mandi is super crafty and creative.  {I have no idea why she doesn’t have her own blog.  That is just silly.}  They have a precious little two-year-old, Blaine…..who doctors and ultrasounds reported as a boy and SURPRISE on birth day….GIRL!  {bahahah.  I love that story!}   She loves planning parties and decorating and I have asked her to share some of her awesome parties and details with us.  She made EVERYTHING for this party.  See…I told you she rocks.

Today she is sharing her daughter’s first birthday party…..”The Little Miss Sunshine Party.”

Take it away Mandi!

Hi, I’m Mandi, a mom of one (one on the way), wife, part time middle/high school art teacher, university supervisor, part business owner, and crafter/quilter.  I love life and the surprises it brings.


My daughter was born in January.

If there was ever a month I said I would never have a baby, January would be that month.

My husband and I both have a January birthday.  When we found out we were pregnant and then the due date, we both said…. NO! …not another winter birthday!

Growing up having a birthday January 31st (the peak of winter) was horrible. One birthday everyone got snowed in for 2 days!   My sweet 16 surprise party came with frozen ice and not so many friends.  Some birthdays were just spent with my little family because people couldn’t travel to our house.  I was always envious of my brother who had a birthday in May.  He had cookouts and campouts, pool parties, you name it…there are so many fun things to do in the summer.

When planning my daughters 1st birthday, I started thinking about birthdays like ‘Winter ONEderland’, however I was so tired of the fact that everything was going to look “wintery.”
We’ve said from day one that Blaine is our little sunshine, so I thought why not have a “Little Miss Sunshine” theme?  Who cares if it’s winter, blue and gloomy outside, let’s brighten things up with a little sunshine.
So planning I went.
Everything from the drinks down to the candy had a sunshine theme name, we even had a huge yellow sunshine balloon (larger than my child even) to brighten up the room.
wp blog-13

Blaine Invite

wp blog-2

The ‘Drops of Sun’ are yellow Sixlets.

‘Sunshine Kisses’ are Hershey’s kisses. (obviously)  ;)

The ‘Chocolate Covered Pretzels’ I made with different colors of melting chocolate and sprinkles.

The ‘Sunny Pops’ I made with chocolate molds and different colored white chocolate.

The ‘Sunflowers’ are molds that I did with colored chocolate and for an extra surprise there are Oreos in the center!

wp blog-3

wp blog-1

I used one of those green foamy things for flowers from the Dollar Tree and covered it with pretty paper and a ribbon to hold the Sunny Pops.

wp blog-4

I made the poufs with tissue paper and the banners and hat from pretty scrapbooking  papers.

wp blog-5

wp blog-7

wp blog-8

The cake and cupcakes I made were strawberry cake with strawberry icing.  Deliciously pink!

wp blog-10

wp blog-6

I would say that everyone enjoyed the little bit of sunshine brought out in Blaine’s party. I know we all have enjoyed the sunshine that Blaine brings to our life everyday.

Hope you enjoyed our party as much as we did and got some ideas for your own parties!  Thanks for having me today.  I can’t wait to share our “Super Friend’s Party!”  Coming soon!   ;)


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  1. What an adorable party! I love the bright sunny colors for a winter party. And Blaine is precious. Awesome job, Mandi!

  2. What a terrific idea!

    I love the thought of a bright colored party even in the middle of winter. What a great break from the ice/snow/cold, for kids and parents alike.

    I also love the food and crafts; there’s nothing I didn’t like in the party stuff.

    Thanks to Mandi for sharing and to Erin for posting. Loving the Little Miss Sunshine Party idea.

  3. You Little Miss Sunshine Party theme is adorable! I love this for a first birthday party for a little girl!

  4. SO cute!! and the pics are amazing!! :)


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