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Well, my super friend Mandi is back today with another awesome party.
If you haven’t checked out her daughter’s first birthday party, click here to see the Little Miss Sunshine Party.   Thanks for coming back Mandi!  You throw the best parties!
Hi, I’m Mandi, a mom of one (one on the way), wife, part time middle/high school art teacher, university supervisor, part business owner, and crafter/quilter. I love life and the surprises it brings.

2yr Invite

Around November I start thinking and getting excited for my daughters birthday party in January!   I know, I’m a little crazy….it’s 3 months before her actual birthday.  But, I just LOVE birthdays!  It’s the one day that is ALL about YOU!

This year I was racking my brain as to what in the world we were going to do for Blaine’s 2nd birthday.  Every year I make her halloween costume, and this year she was a super hero.

 After thinking about all options, it was clear….this year we will have a SUPER HERO PARTY.  I know, I know.  A super hero party for a 2 year old little girl?  She was just so stinking cute in her super hero costume, that I thought she needed to wear it again.

Blaine is our sweet little super girl and I knew she would really enjoy playing with friends at her birthday this year.  So we had to have a “Calling All Super Friends” party.  I loved the idea of her little friends all coming dressed up to her party (who says you can only dress up for Halloween?).

A super hero party wouldn’t be complete without a ton of super food, a super photo booth, super coloring station, and super friends to share it with.

Who says super heros are just for boys??   Not this girl!

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Some of the party details….

Food.  Lots of kid friendly goodies.

  • Wonderdogs (pigs in a blanket)
  • Mighty Munchies (Chex Mix)
  • Pop!  (Puffed Pop Corn)
  • Power Puffs (marshmallows dipped in colored chocolate)
  • Super Shields (Oreos)
  • Super Food (veggies)
  • Power Water  (bottled water)
  • Wonderade (lemonade)

I made the banners and the signs for the photo booth with my computer and pretty scrapbook papers.

The blow up hammers and all the other props for the photo booth came from the dollar store.

The goodie bags were also filled with super hero toys and candy that all came from the dollar store.

The cake and ‘Out of this World ‘cupcakes were blueberry cake and yellow icing….because you have to have a blue cake for a super hero party!

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wp blog-36

Our smallest Super Friend

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Every super hero has to have a super awesome get away car!

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Thanks for stopping by.  I had so much fun planning this party.
I hope you enjoyed our ‘Calling All Super Friends’ birthday party as much as we did!  :)


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  1. I love the idea o a super hero girl party! My son is obsessed with super hero’s, but my daughter loves them as well. I love the photo booth idea with the props from the Dollar Store. Such great ideas.

  2. That is a “Super” cute party idea! Perfect for a toddler for sure! Love!

  3. How cute! I need to step up my parties for sure now that I am a blogger :) Very cute my son is super hero obsessed!!

  4. Love it! What a fun party. Super heroes are awesome!

  5. Love a good theme party! I did a superhero party..but I have two boys…a girl superhero party looks fun too! :)