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I’ve been looking for ways that I can tangibly get the kids involved in “giving back.”  I find it hard to teach them to give of themselves and help others (especially others that they don’t know.)  It’s important to me to teach them to be gracious servants and givers.  But, sometimes that’s so difficult, since our default is selfish and entitled, not selfless and generous.  I just want us go out and love on people in our community, helping people we don’t know with out getting anything in return.  These are thing that I personally want to do more and I would like to expose the kids to it.

The problem is that so many places that I’d like to take the kids to volunteer are not kid freindly due to roles and limitations based on legalitites and age.  Until they get a little older, I need a project with some flexibiliy.  This is it.   The Five Card Challenge is a simple and positive way the kids can help brighten someone’s day.

My friend Nedra, of Adventure Mom and I are launching this campain so that anybody can help.  She was reacently approached by Elisa, who wondered if we would be interested in getting out the message about creating homemade cards for heart patients.   There are so many heart and stroke patients in hospitals that have no family.  A hand-made card can do a lot to lift thier spirits and show them that someone cares.  This story is close to her heart. You can read more of Elisa’s story here.

Elisa explains it like this…

The idea of creating homemade cards to be distributed to the local hospitals for heart/stroke patients came from my experience with the health care industry and my own experience with a sick family member. It’s a scary situation, and often people are alone and have no local family to hold their hand. What a wonderful way to spread a feeling of support to someone you don’t even know!

I can only imagine how wonderful it would feel to receive a little “get well” or “thinking of you” trinket or card from someone who cared enough to create it for me! 

The great part of this project is that you do NOT have to be local.  You can drop off your kids cards at ANY hostpital or assisted living facility.  Any patient would be thrilled to get a handmade card.   

In fact, I plan on extending the #5 Card Challenge past March 16th.  I’m planning on continuing this challenge on a monthly basis.  It would be easy enough to have each of my kids make 5 cards every month.  I’m going to drop them off at different locations each month.    Who wants to join me?

If you are local….Please drop off homemade cards at the Kenton Country Public Library (Erlanger Branch location) until March 16th.

If you are in Ohio you can contact Elisa for a pickup location at

So will you join us as we take the challenge to create 5 cards for heart patients this month?

Please grab our challenge button from my sidebar if you want to participate and help promote the challenge.  You can use the hashtag #5cardchallenge on instagram, facebook or twitter.

I’m so excited for the kids to get involved in brightening someone’s day.  It might be the only card that some people get.

Cards that Care

I would love to know if you are going to join us.


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