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It’s been a while since I posted last!  Not for lack of doing fun projects and activities.  Just a lack of time to post about them.

The main culprit – I’m attempting to make some iphoto books as Christmas presents this year.  So, every single spare moment spent on the computer is spent doing that.  I can’t even blame Pinterest this time!  It’s a little overwhelming actually.  There are SOOOO many pictures to choose from.   And I’m being annoyingly type A about it all and must look at every single one before I make a decision.  Then I change my mind anyway.  So, it’s quite a project.  Have any of you ever made one of these books?  How long does it take you?   What company did you use?   I think I should have started last November.  :)

We also re-painted the whole first floor last month.  HOORAY!  I no longer live in beige-land (unless I venture to the basement or upstairs) The flippers who we bought the house from painted every single surface in the entire place the same boring dark beige – and I am over it!  :)  We even took all the cabinet doors off and sanded and repainted those too.  HUGE JOB!  We replaced the hardware with custom-made silverware hardware.  (Thanks Dad!) (and Pinterest)  I’ll share befores and afters of that project soon too!  (I have to clean the kitchen before I take an ‘after’ picture!  haha.)  It’s beautiful.  I LOVE MY NEW PLACE!  I can’t wait to show it off.

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to lately.  (And by “few” I mean way too many.  It’s a sickness – you don’t have to look)  :)  And now I can focus on more informative posts.  Like how to spray paint a chair.  Coming soon.

Zoo Brew.  

 We were volunteers and beer pourers at a station.  It was so much fun.  You volunteer for one shift then you get into the fundraiser for the rest of the time.  You get to walk around, listen to bands,  try all kinds of fancy local food and taste lots of beer and wine.  The whole time they have animals out meeting and greeting.  It’s a grown up night at the zoo.  So fun!  
More trips to the zoo.  
This zebra is inappropriately happy to see us.  (it’s slightly disturbing and Lucie asked why the zebra had a leg in the middle – I pretended not to hear her.)  :)

Farm Frenzy.  

A fun little thing around here.  We learned how to milk a cow among other things.  Sam was fascinated.   This trip has actually come back to haunt me because Sam makes references to the whole milking a cow situation now that we are potty training him.  He sees some sort of similarity.  Boys!

Wool Fest.   Crafts, fried foods and animals.  We watched a sheep get sheared.  And I got severely lost on the way home.  But, we saw some pretty sights including this crazy fence with boots on it!    

 That’s a bunny!!! 

Lawn care with Daddy.

4-H day at the hardware store.

We met some cool pets.  A tarantula, turtles, tortoises, chicks, a sugar glider, goats, a chinchilla, mice, rats, gerbils, a gecko, and more.

Pre-school Halloween party.

We made an army of spider suckers for the Bird’s pre-school class.  Easy, cheap and cute.  Perfect.

Pumpkin carving.  

The Bean kept putting the pieces that Kevin took out of the pumpkin and placing them in the appropriate places on his own face.  It was cracking me up.)  

We had roasted pumpkin seeds and hot cocoa with googly eyes after carving.  The kids thought the googly eyes were great.  (They were just regular sized marshmallows with chocolate chips pressed in.)

Mummy dogs for dinner on Halloween night.  

I used canned biscuits and rolled them out flat.  I then cut them into strips and wrapped around the hot dogs.  I baked them according to the biscuit package.  I stuck little caraway seeds in as the eyes.  (the only spice I had that was still whole – any would do)

They were a HUGE hit with the kids and the adults.

We were Smore’s for Halloween.  

I made all four costumes for 13 dollars!  I’m so proud.  I love a bargain almost as much as I love families in matching costumes.  I made Lucie’s no sew ‘fire’ tutu using this tutorial.  I wrapped a pillow around her middle and tied it with a ribbon.  Used a sharpie to make our big cardboard look like graham crackers.   I painted a copy paper box lid for Sam’s chocolate bar.  I used hot glue to put foil on as a wrapper.   That’s it.  I never knew how easy it is to make a tutu.  You should try it.  :)

I got to go to girls night……in a hotel…..all night…..with no kids……and no husband…..for free! (aka no responsibility)  WHOOHOO!  With our night of no responsibility we chose to drink wine, eat junk food and give each other pedis and facials…..and talk about our kids!  haha.    :)  Perfect.

Saw some bison.  We took a trip with Kevin’s parents to Big Bone Lick (don’t laugh it’s a real place.  Um, OK you can laugh).  And we saw bison and big bones.

Went to the pumpkin patch.  

Met a llama at the Library.  And kissed him.  Seriously – Isn’t he so cute??

Raked leaves.  
And jumped in.  And buried each other.  While wearing dress up clothes.  

I just looked back through this incredibly long post and realized that pretty much everything we did was free.  It proves you can have TONS of fun on a budget!

It was a good fall and it’s not even over yet!  :)


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    I enjoyed this post a lot – all your pictures are amazing. Your kids are too funny – the “leg” in the middle bit cracked me up! Oh and I totally agree with your son – I see the similarity too!! Hahahaha! Your daughter’s tutu roasting marshmallow costume is the BEST! A roasting marshmallow! LOVE it!!! She’s adorable! And I totally loved how y’all dressed in themed homemade costumes!! I’ve become your newest follower – I want to see what happens next!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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