halloween wreath

I love fall so much and I LOVE Halloween.  I just love it.  I decided it was time to get into Halloween mode around here.  I started with a new wreath. 

 I chose black yarn for wrapping ….cuz its spooky. :)   For other yarn wreaths I’ve made, I used a foam form.  I do love the way they turn out, but they are kind of skinny.  
So, this time I used a straw wreath form and just left the plastic on it.  It was cheaper and thicker and easier to wrap.  Win. Win. Win. 
This part takes a long time, but it really doesn’t matter if you are messy about it.  It looks the same either way.  
I’ve always admired the argyle wreaths yarn wreaths I see around, so I thought it was time to give that a try.  And argyle just screams ‘fall’ to me.  I first cut out diamonds from the felt I chose.  I used a sparkly, glitter orange, dark purple and smokey gray.  I really like they way they look together.  
Then, I laid them out on the wreath to make sure it all fit and looked OK.
Next, I glued the outside corners down with a dab of hot glue.  So far so good.  
Next, I took the black yarn, (but you could use a contrasting color – I already had a lot of colors going on so I stuck with black) tied it in the back and wrapped all the way around one way going over the middle of each diamond.
Then, I reversed and went the other way completing the ‘X’ on each diamond.  

To accessorize I glued on some sequence picks from Hobby Lobby and a bird from the Dollar Tree.  Yeah that’s right…. “I put a bird on it!”  (I can’t help it!)
 Finally, I decided it needed a word and “BOO” seemed appropriate.  I made little tags and put the letters on with stickers.  I attached it all with a piece of twine and tiny clothes pins.  
Done and done.  Now I have to start thinking about our costumes!  Hummm.  



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