snow ice cream

It’s very snowy and cold around here. I saw this idea here on Annalea Hart’s blog and thought it was a great nostalgic activity and we should do it! The bird helped me make it while the bean was napping and then we put it back in the freezer until he woke up. The kids thought it was a great treat to have ice cream with sprinkles for no reason. It was super easy and I really thought it was delicious.

It kind of tastes like a snow cone with sweet vanilla creaminess on top instead of brightly colored syrup. Kevin’s an ice cream purist and will only eat custard – which this was definitely not. So, he tasted it, but made fun of it. Typical. :) He couldn’t get past the thought of eating dirty snow. I only used clean snow. The kids didn’t have that problem since they try and eat the snow every time we go outside.
What I did:
Lucie and I went outside and gathered a huge bowl of clean snow.
We added a few teaspoons of vanilla, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 2 cups of almond milk. I added about 1/2 cup of cream, too.

We mixed it all up until it was creamy and then put it back in the freezer.
This was enough for about 8 big bowls of ice cream. So, we have lots left in the freezer for another day.
Isn’t it so fancy?!
The kids ate it up and I didn’t feel too bad about letting them have giant bowls of ice cream…. since it’s mostly snow and almond milk. Of course I did add chocolate sauce and sprinkles. :)

And then Lucie got her first “bwain fweeze”. Ouch!


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