Keeping Packed Lunches Interesting

Since we homeschool, it’s easy to just eat leftovers for lunch most days.  On the other days we eat a lot of good old PB & J.  But, I am sick of peanut butter and jelly.  Aaaaand I am sick of leftovers.   BORING!

I try to keep things interesting every few lunches by making a fun bento style lunch.  The kids LOVE when I breakout the cute boxes of little foods.  They think it’s the greatest.   (Easily impressed).  They call them lunchables.  hahaha.  Don’t tell them that they aren’t!!

And kids are only easily impressed for a short time of their lives.  I am capitalizing on that!   fruitshoot

And sometimes just for fun, I like to sneak in a special treat of a fruity, squeezy drink.  They REALLY think this is fantastic.  These Robinson’s Fruitshoot bottles are no-spill, they are naturally flavored and have no high fructose corn syrup or added sugar.  I love that!  And they taste great.  The kids love that!


   Are you a packer or a buyer?  I was always a packer, but was super jealous of my buyer friends.  I just wanted a Fiestada from the cafeteria!!  Haha.  Funny how that works out.  I can’t imagine wanting one now!

How do you keep lunch interesting?

Find a bunch of great lunch-time ideas on Robinson’s Fruitshoot facebook page.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Robinson’s Fruitshoot for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging me to share creative ways to prep fun lunches for my kids!


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  1. We have always been a packing family. With seven children, buying wasn’t an option.

  2. I’m a 1/2 and 1/2 packer/buyer. I try to have some healthy pre-packaged options on hand because it’s inevitable one or my kids will tell me 5 minutes before the bus comes that they want “carry”! LOL :)

  3. I am all about changing things up, but my boys are creatures of habit and like to know what to expect. Not to mention they are both super picky, so I am that mom that packs boring lunches LOL.

  4. Those boxes are too cute, love the heart shaped cutout bread!

  5. I love your ideas. We’ve been trying to save money and be healthier by not eating out so I’ve been packing our lunches. Now I just need an awesome lunch box to put them in.

  6. These are absolutely adorable. My kids would get such a kick out of them!

  7. My kids have never tried the FruitShoots. I will have to look for them. Their little lunches are adorable as well as your kiddos!

  8. I used to cut my daughter’s sandwiches into dinosaurs when she was little. It always made her excited for lunch!

  9. I take a lot of packed lunches for myself, but mine never look as cute as the ones you make. I would love you to pack my lunch.

  10. How cute you made heart shape sandwiches. I use to do that for my son but now he is to old for it.

  11. I love getting creative with my kids lunches, and so do they! Lunches can get so boring sometimes.

  12. I was a packer, mostly because I had to be. This Fruit Shoot looks delicious. I bet kids love it and it is very juicy tasting.

  13. My son eats school lunch, so I do not pack his lunch, except when he goes on a field trip. If I did pack his lunches, I would totally try to think of unique things to do and those heart shaped snacks are definitely unique!

  14. I would rarely bring lunch as a kid as I always went to the cafeteria or my mom came during lunch (elementary school). I’d totally pack my future kids lunches though :)

  15. With the direction that these school lunches are going, I think the kids will appreciate creative homemade lunches like these.

  16. Why not make lunch a bit fun?! Love it!

  17. I used to always use cookie cutters to make cute shapes for my oldest son. He always loved it and his friends would be a bit jealous.

  18. Yours are actually cuter than Lunchables, so keep on with it. They’re lucky you make those!

  19. You always have the best food ideas! Yum!

  20. Its just too hard for me to be a packer. lol I’m a buyer and proud of it.

  21. I’m a packer! Can’t afford to pay the 5$+ for lunches. This is great I need to get some of those cut out shapes. My son is really picky so I just rotate the same meals over and over again lol

  22. These are such cute lunches! I can’t wait to get creative with my little guy’s lunch too. Love the juice!

  23. cute idea, my 6 year old daughter would love this as a lunch

  24. How fun.. bet my kids would get a kick out of fun lunches, too. Your munchkins sure looked like they LOVED it… thanks for sharing

  25. My teen balked at this idea but I am so sure she would love getting a lunch like this! This is such a cute idea.