Banish Bed Head with a Pure Silk Pillowcase {Giveaway}

I have straight hair.  Poker Straight.  (which is actually a really odd saying when you think about it.)  It’s poker straight and thin and flat and limp, actually.  (I paint a pretty picture don’t I?)

When my daughter was born with thick curls that turned into thick waves,  I really had no idea what to do with it.  The girl hates to brush her hair because there are always so many tangles.  It’s a daily struggle.  Tears.  Soooo many tears.  We’ve tried everything.  Showering at night, showering in the morning,  special conditioners, fancy leave-in balms, de-tanglers, expensive brushes.  Some of them work, but most do not.  So far, this Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner has been a favorite and this Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush has been a lifesaver too.   I love them.

But, even when we use the awesome conditioner and detangling brush at night until her hair is perfectly lovely and smooth, by the time she wakes up in the morning, it’s right back to a giant hideous tangled nest.  And so we begin our day with tears and fights about hair brushing AGAIN. (or sometimes we skip it and just pull it back into a pony tail!)  ;)

Think I am exaggerating?  No way.  Take a look at these pictures.  They’re pretty graphic, so beware.  ;)



I knew there had to be a better way.  I asked around to some friends who have curly hair or kids with curly hair and they all agree with me about the Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush ….and they also all recommended something new that I hadn’t heard of.

Are you ready for it?  Satin pillow cases!  WHAT?  How did I not know this was even a thing!?

I started looking for satin pillow cases and fabrics and reading up about them.  But, what I ran into is that most satin fabric is actually made of polyester or nylon or acetate and it’s all synthetic.

So, hmmm, I’m sure it’s probably fine, but I’m not totally convinced that I want my daughter to spend 10+ hours a night with her face on some man-made plastic polyester acetate.

I kept looking, figuring there has to be a better fabric to use.  And that’s how I found Connie and her AdoraBellaBaby’s Etsy shop.  She uses 100 percent pure silk and was the most affordable pure silk I could find.

Why 100 percent pure silk?  It’s natural.  Check this stuff out!

  • Cotton pulls moisture from your skin and forms deeper wrinkles against your face. Dermatologists know that sleeping on your face at night can contribute to wrinkle formation. Loss of moisture from the skin can also cause a decrease in the glow and elasticity of the skin.
  • Silk retains its hypoallergenic and antimicrobial qualities and is resistant to dust mites. It is also moisture wicking and is considered to be anti-aging .
  • Silk Noil (raw silk) is untreated silk reeled from the cocoon. Raw silk is covered with the protein sericin. Sericin is produced by the silkworm when spinning a cocoon. Sericin binds to the keratin of skin, forming a protective film. It contains 18 amino acids and collagen that are much like ours and can be directly absorbed into the skin.

 Charmeuse silk helps to prevent bed-head and frizzy hair.  Raw silk is beneficial for those with eczema, dry skin, or acne. Many people see the difference in their skin immediately.

My mom has eczema on her scalp and she has tried everything to cure it.  After using the raw silk pillowcase for only a week, she can see visible improvements.  She could not be more pleased, but would not let me take before pictures.  ;)

I also got a pillowcase and noticed that my hair is less dry after sleeping on it for only one night.  I also splurged and bought an eye mask too, for it’s anti-aging properties (I’m getting old and wrinkled).   And my skin is noticeably more bright and way less dry after just  a few nights.

Here’s Lucie, after waking up on her new silk charmeuse pillowcase.  Check out that smooth hair….I mean, it still needs to be brushed a bit….but look at the ENORMOUS difference from the scary before pictures.

I love that Connie from Adorabella Designs is very careful about where her silk fabric comes from.  I appreciate that she doesn’t support overseas mills and factory working conditions. 90% of the world’s silk thread is made in China, but her’s is not.  She uses a US based company for the milling and dying of all her silks. You know that your purchase from her shop goes to support local US economies and fair labor laws!   How awesome is that?

More about Connie

“About 5 years ago my world was forever changed by my son and then my daughter. Both children are from the gorgeous country of Ethiopia and their lovely hair inspired me to create silk items that were both luxurious to sleep on and beneficial to their hair and skin. I became fascinated with true, pure silk and sewed my first pillowcase for my daughter, then my son, then me, and so on and so on. It appears I may never stop!

 I was truly frustrated with drawers being filled with expensive products that did not seem to be helping anyone’s problems. My family and friends started using silk for skin and hair care and we have been amazed at the changes we have seen.

I am always trying to find natural, healthful products for myself and kids. Silk fits the criteria on all levels. It has so very many natural properties that make it the perfect supplement to a natural skin and haircare regime.”

Try silk! You’ll never go back. It’s truly luxurious but most importantly, it’s healthful!

Look at these other great items in her shop.  Anti-aging aviator eye masks, cute head wraps, bonnets and more!

Would you like to try silk?

Connie is generously letting me giveaway one 100 percent Charmeuse silk  (standard size white non-dyed) pillowcase to one of you!

Enter below.

Don’t want to wait?  Use the code FACEBOOK10 for 10 percent off of anything in her shop.  Sweet!

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Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure tab for more information.  I was given complimentary product to review and giveaway, but the opinions in this post are 100 percent honest and my own.  I am so glad we found silk pillow cases.


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  1. Angela Johnson says:

    She really makes beautiful things!! I will have to go with the pillow cases though :) Great giveaway!!

  2. I just thought it was one if those “deal with it” things! I have long struggled with detangling my own thick wavy hair, but now I have a 10yo daughter that not only received my thick wavy hair, but my tender head as well. I never knew there was another option besides the 30 minutes of spraying, brush breaking (seriously, I don’t know how many we’ve gone through), and crying. It takes us 2 hours after washing to get it dry, brushed, and fixed, so morning hair washing is no longer an option. I would love for her to be able to get up and not cry while brushing her hair!

  3. I REALLY want to win this one! I have crazy hair in the morning so I am “hoping” it would help me!

  4. Patty LeBeau says:

    I love Connie’s silk items. Just placed my third order :) my hair dresser noticed my hair is much thicker and healthy. I hope to win my daughter a silk pillow case.

  5. my daughter has hair that is very fizzy. her morning bedhead is horrible. even after clemiclly straighting it. i would love to have one of these.

  6. I like the silk sleep eye mask.

  7. I would love a silk pillowcase. I’ve changed how I sleep and now I have really bad bed head. :)

  8. Now I know why my mother slept on a silk pillowcase. I want to try it.

  9. Would love to try the pure silk (brown) pillowcase. So need to do something about this winter static…hair is crazy.

  10. Dorothy Teel says:

    I love the Teal colored pillow cases they would look wonderful at my home. I think these would make a wonderful nights sleep.

  11. Michelle B says:

    I just really love the pillowcases! I so need one!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  12. Kristin Hale says:

    I love the silk sleep eye mask with the brows and lashes to make it look like you are really sleeping

  13. SECOND PURE Silk Pillowcase Soft White Silk Charmeuse

  14. I could use a silk pillowcase in my life. Then I would know which pillow was mine and which was my husband’s (:

  15. Oh this would be awesome to help with my wild woman hair in the mornings.

  16. I really like the eye mask with the 4 leaf clover, but my hair would love the pillow cases

  17. I have been wanting to get a silk pillowcase for the longest time. My hair breaks easily and tossing and turning causes damage to my hair. I absolutely love this pillowcase: Silk Pillowcase Charmeuse, Embroidered, Hypoallergenic Bedding for Sensitive Skin and Hair Care. What a great birthday gift this would make to myself.

  18. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    I love the sachets and the bonnets, not to mention the pillow cases…

  19. Love all the pillowcases – especially the gray!