happy easter

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Would you like to see my Easter Pinterest fails!  
Of course you would.  
Have you seen these little cuties on Pinterest?  
Well, at first I didn’t pin them because I thought they were kind of creepy.  Some people already don’t like to eat eggs because they imagine eating baby chicks.  I thought it seemed extra creepy to perpetuate that thought by actually making deviled eggs INTO baby chicks.  
But, the more I saw it around, the more it grew on me.  
I thought it might be fun for the kids.  
A cute Easter snack.  
And I was charged to bring a snack to Easter dinner.  
OK  –  Easter deviled egg chicks it would be.  
I should preface this with the fact that fresh eggs are IMPOSSIBLE to peel.  I mean seriously.  It’s a miracle they look as good as they do.  haha.  
So anyway……. mine look more like evil, deviled egg, zombie chicks.  
I’m bringing them anyway.  
And I will force people to eat them.  :) 

So, then I tried another Pinterest idea and colored a few of the eggs to at least make them into festive Springy deviled eggs.   They were supposed to look like these.  Nice smooth pretty pastel eggs.  
But, mine look like this…….unappetizing, unnaturally bright, neon, psychedelic eggs.
Plus they’re all chipped up since they were fresh from the girls, so again….. impossible to peel.

YUM!  Don’t you wish you were coming over to eat these today?!  :)  haha.



  1. says

    How did you make the “springy eggs?” I went to your pinterest site and it looks like the pin has been spammed and goes to Living Social. Would love to try these sometime.

  2. says

    Diana. So sorry about the broken link. I had pinned two of them and of course used the broken one to post. I didn’t even know it was broken. I must have used the other pin when I was making them. I fixed it now. I changed the picture and it goes to directions. They were fun to make. Just don’t leave them in too long! haha. They would be fun to dye green for “green eggs and ham” for Dr. Suess though!

  3. says

    ha! those neon ones remained untouched on our Easter buffet table as well…I would never have attempted the chicks – I think yours turned out just fine…all things considering.
    FYI salt and baking soda in the boiling water helps with the peeling, but doesn’t totally take away the impossible job of peeling.


  4. says

    I saw those baby chick eggs on pinterest and tried making them too…mine turned out like yours! I didn’t end up bringing them to family dinner at my parent’s. But they tasted good nonetheless :-) A+ for efforts!!

  5. says

    Awww, sorry they turned out imperfect, but atleast you tried something! I didn’t do anything I wanted to from my Easter pinboard. Oh well. There’s always next year.

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