masking tape road

I was on Spring break this week and it rained. A lot. Good thing I came across this super rainy day activity on The Mother Huddle.

I surprised the kids by putting this tape road down while they were upstairs playing in their rooms on Monday. (I love ‘room time’.) It spanned four rooms and a hallway. It was great. We just left it there all week. They LOVED it. It was easy to take off. I did it this morning and the kids helped. No sticky residue. Great, cheap activity! I used two rolls of masking tape which had been sitting in the garage for years. But, if you don’t have any, it’s only about a dollar per roll.


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    This is such a cute inexpensive idea!!! My kids would love it! I even think my 11 year old would think it was cool. Thanks for sharing.

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