melted crayon eggs

I realize that Easter is over, but I haven’t shared this yet. :)

I read about it last year and actually remembered to try it this Easter, so I thought you might do the same!!
The whole melted crayon thing works so well. The eggs turn out so pretty and vibrant. Even the bean could make some really artistic looking eggs with this fun process.
What you need:
white eggs
egg dye kit (optional)
What you do:
Boil the eggs as you would for any egg dying project.
Carefully take the hot eggs out and put them in a carton. (They are still really hot, so a Styrofoam carton might melt – I used the paper kind.)
Warn the kids that the eggs are hot. I let them sit for a minute in the carton, but they stay pretty darn hot for a while. Both kids touched the hot eggs once and learned quickly that they didn’t like that. :)
Give each child a carton with the still hot / warm eggs. Let them loose with the crayons. It’s so crazy and fun. The crayons just melt right on the hot egg and makes it so easy to create really pretty designs. They both really got into it. It was kind of addicting. I made some too! :)

(I’ve seen this project around the Internet done with rocks that you heat up in the oven too. We might try that next since they both liked this so much.)
After we finished with the crayons, we used a regular Easter egg kit to dye them. Both kids really liked the whole dying process too. Of course, dissolving tiny fizzing tablets in vinegar and water is pretty great. Sam kept dipping his hand in the green bowl, so he looked like a zombie for three days. :)
The eggs were cool looking when they were just white with crayon, but dying them made the funky designs the kids had drawn really pop! The finished product is so pretty.


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    Cash did that too! He loved dying the eggs this year. We dyed a whole bunch, then forgot to use them in our hunt! Typical! :)

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