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I’m throwing my friend a bridal shower this month and my plan is to make a lot of the decorations myself.  I just love throwing theme parties.  The theme of this shower is going to be a “Mad Hatter Tea Party”!  Fun right?!  Well, I have a lot of great things in the works for it, so stay tuned for the results of the shower.  But in the meantime, I made 4 awesome decorations for the shower with two rolls of glittery Duck Brand® tape and some scrapbook paper!  Check these out!

1.  Flower Centerpieces

2.  A Funky Banner

3.  Cool Votive Candles

4. Glittery Clothespins (as part of the favors)

I am so excited that Duck Brand® has all these cool new craft tapes available.  They allow crafters to add texture to any project without using separate glue.  There are so many ways to get crafty with tape!  There are three new Duck Brand Craft Tapes.

  • Glitter tape. (which is what I used for these 4 projects).  It has no paper backing and my favorite part…the glitter DOES NOT FLAKE OFF!  It comes in fun colors (pink, aqua, silver and red)
  • Duck Prism® tape.  They have a unique holographic effect to add shine and dimension to an project.
  • Washi tape.  I can not wait to try this one out.  I love washi tape and have a large collection (hoard)!  It’s easy to tear and repositionable.  You can write on it, so it’s useful for labeling.  They have a fantastic variety of patterns and designs.

OK.  So, onto the projects.

1.  The Banner.

You will need:  Scrapbook paper, string, scissors, a glue stick and glittery Duck Brand® tape.

  • Cut the decorative paper into 4-6 inch strips.  Fold the strips over a long piece of string and glue them to themselves.
  • Cut an upside down ‘V’ in each paper so that it looks like a banner.
  • In between each paper, place a length of the glittery Duck Brand® tape and fold it over itself to secure it.
  • Cut an upside down “V” in each strip of tape also.

2.  The Flower Centerpieces.

You will need:  Glittery Duck Brand® tape, scissors, scrapbook paper, wooden skewers, a glue stick

  • Begin by laying down a length of tape, sticky side up.  Take another length of tape and lay it on top of the first piece, sticky side down.  Leave about 1/4 inch of sticky tape on each end.  I used two colors for this.  (see photos)
  • Cut the tape length wise into four even strips.
  • Fold each strip of tape into a loop and press.  Using the sticky end you left on the strips, secure the loop to itself.
  • Cut a circle out of scrapbook paper.  This will be the middle of your flower.
  • Using the sticky end, press each loop onto the paper circle.
  • Continue this process until you have the amount of petals you like.
  • Tape the wooden skewer to the middle of the flower.
  • Cut another scrapbook circle and glue it to the middle of your flower to cover all the ends.
  • Done!

3.  The Votive Candles.

Cut circle out of the Glittery Duck Brand® tape and press them onto the glass of the votive.  So simple.  DONE!

4.  The Clothes Pins.

Lay your naked clothespin on top of the tape and trim the tape.  DONE!  You could add a magnet to the back too!

Every crafter gets excited at the mention of crafting tape!  There are so many ways to use it.  The creative minds over at Duck Brand® have come up with some amazing ways to give you tape envy.  Follow them on Twitter @TheDuckBrand for tons of creative inspiration!

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