Birch Forest Cutting Edge Stencil and a {Giveaway}


Well, the woodland animal bedroom makeover is finally done.  The room turned out great and The Bird is totally in love with it, and she surprisingly keeps it much cleaner than before.  She is so proud of it.  So, that was a win win!

My very favorite part of the room is the birch forest wall.  She tells me she feels like she’s a fox sleeping in a forest.  So, that must be fun!  Then she starts dancing around and singing, “What does the Fox say?”

Stenciling the birch forest wall was so simple and I just love how it looks.  I used an all-over stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

When I was starting my quest for all things “Woodland” for Lucie’s room makeover….I knew I wanted to do something special on the wall where her bed is.  When I saw this gorgeous birch forest stencil, I knew it was just the thing.  I reached out to Cutting Edge Stencils and they generously sent me one to review!  LOVE!

The room was already a nice pale pink.  A few years ago, we painted her room with a satin Bridesmaid Posy from Porter Paint 138-2.  I wanted to keep the birch forest low contrast, so, I knew just a plain white would be perfect.  It ended up really brightening up the room.  I knew stenciling the wall wouldn’t take very much paint, so I bought an un-tinted sample pot of satin white from Sherwin Williams for about 4 bucks, when they were having a big sale.   SCORE!  And it was MORE than enough to do the whole wall.  I even have some left.


 I started out by watching the videos that Cutting Edge Stencils has on You Tube.  I wanted to watch someone else do it and learn the basics.  You know, really get my technique down!  Honestly, using the wall stencil was easier than I thought it would be.  I used the clip-on level that they sent, to help ensure that the whole situation is all level  (no wonky trees in Lucie’s room)!  I imagine it would be much more difficult without the clip-on level.   Then using painters tape, I taped the stencil to the wall and gently rolled the paint on using the small foam roller that they sent.   And then I did that about a million more times.  OK, not really, but it felt like it towards the end.  haha.  With my moms help, it took me about 2 or 3 hours to do the whole wall.   (THANKS MOM!)


I totally could have done it by myself, but it would’ve taken longer.  ;)  My mom helped by holding the stencil in place because my tape was VERY low tack and it kept falling off.  So, my tip to you…. don’t use old generic painters tape like I did.  Next time, I will use the good stuff for sure!  

More tips…when applying your paint, dip your foam roller in the paint and then roll it on a paper towel to take a little bit off.  A little goes a long way when stenciling.  And use even pressure.  The corners can be a bit tricky, but it all turned out.  Make sure you watch the videos before you try.  They were so helpful to me.




It was a fun project, and really simple once I got going.  And it changed the whole look of the room in just a few hours.  I just LOVE DIY with instant gratification.  :)


I am in love with the way it looks.  I’m actually kind of addicted to stenciling now.  I want to try stenciling EVERYTHING.  The backsplash in my kitchen is screaming at me to try it next.   It’s so plain and boring.  I think some Moroccan tiles would look AWESOME in the kitchen!

Have you ever stenciled anything?  Do you want to give it a shot???

The lovely people at Cutting Edge Stencils are graciously letting me give YOU a chance to WIN ANY STENCIL in their shop, up to $50!!  AWESOME!  There so many fabulous ones to chose from!  Have fun with that.

And THANK YOU so much to Cutting Edge Stencils!  Good Luck.
(Giveaway is open to US residents only.)

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Disclosure: This giveaway and review is sponsored on behalf of Cutting Edge Stencils. All opinions are 100% mine.


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  1. I’m in love!! What a great way to add interest to a wall! We are going to be changing up Kali’s room so that it is Kali and Kendal’s room. Can’t wait to see what other stencils they offer! Thanks for the giveaway Cutting Edge Stencils!

  2. oops…Sweet Dreams Stencil is my fav for the girls room, but oh my I want at least 5 other ones too!

  3. I really liked the Simple Rhyme Allover Stencil the best, if I had to pick just one LOL

    I like the wallpaper look without the wallpaper hassle. Plus I *could* use different finishes of the same color to get a little contrast without going overboard.


  4. So many good ones to choose from!! I’m loving the new peacock feather stencil right now:)

  5. Very fun! Perfect addition to a woodland room!

  6. Ahhhh! This is awesome hope I win!

  7. Would love this for my new house :) Looks great Erin!!!

  8. I love the “Let all that you do be done in love” stencil. I would put it near my bedroom. We have a split-level and there’s an overhang by our stairs leading to our room it would look perfect!

  9. It’s hard to pick! But I’d probably go with this one:

  10. Eleanor Cooper says:

    I like a lot of them but I think it’s a tie between the all over fish and the birch trees

  11. I really like some of the flower stencils and the quote stencils…especially “Create” – great for craft area in our office.

  12. angela johnson says:

    the wall quotes :)

  13. I’ve seen that stencil before and wasn’t sure if I liked it…. I really like it and that wall looks so cool! I’m looking around the house for a wall to use that stencil on!

  14. It looks great! Well done!

  15. Sharon Anderson says:

    Lilly scroll, Alessa and Rabat are the ones I have. LOVE! I would like to have a go at a mural.

  16. I like the birch forest stencil.

  17. Rachel Salinas says:

    I truly LOVE the Birch Forest Allover Stencil! Birch trees are my favorite trees!

  18. I started to pick a favorite but each time I scrolled down I found another stencil that I LOVED. All of them are really fun. I think the designs would be fun to try on furniture too.

  19. I love their stencils and I can’t wait to try one out

  20. I think I’d like to use the houndstooth allover stencil

  21. I love the Geisha Wall Pattern, but they have so many beautiful wall stencils. It would be so hard to chose. Your daughter’s wall came out great, I like it a lot!

  22. PEACOCK FEATHER ALLOVER STENCIL is my favorite, it would be the perfect background for youtube beauty videos


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