Recipe Round-up :: Rice and Beans

Recipe Round-up :: Rice and Beans


Our church did this crazy experiment last year….. a church wide fast to save money so we could invest in organizations outside of our church and change our city and the world.  Ambitious?  Yes!

The plan was to eat nothing but rice and beans for a week, and then donate the money saved on groceries and eating out for that week to organizations outside of our church.  My whole family got into it.  I won’t say it was easy.  It wasn’t.  By the second day the novelty had certainly wore off.  But, it was a great exercise in faith and pride and telling our flesh to just shut-up.

It turns out that about half of the church participated last year.  It was such an amazing experience that I truly hope and pray that everyone really ‘digs in’ this year.  With only half of the church participating in 2013 we were still able to raise $377,036.06 for three fantastic organizations!!  (it’s a big church.)   In seven days!  Just by rearranging our eating habits.  Ridiculous!  And amazing.

My family was challenged mentally, physically and spiritually and I’m looking forward to it again this year!  We’re gonna get the heck on out of our comfort zone AGAIN and try to identify with how 2/3rds of the world’s population eats every single day.  BEANS AND RICE BABY! 

Over 1.2 billion people in the world eat only one cup of rice and one cup of beans per day.  That’s for the whole day!!


I will be adding some seasonings and veggies to some of our meals.  I’m also going to use things that are already in our pantry and fridge to go with the rice and beans for some meals here and there.  I know some families who didn’t go to the store at all and didn’t eat rice and beans, but limited their entire week of meals to just things they found in their pantry!  Great idea.  I encourage you to join us!  Do what makes sense for you and your family.  Maybe it’s one meal a day.  Maybe it’s not eating out.

The point of the fast for me is

  1. to live on a simplified diet for a week
  2. feel hunger
  3. be uncomfortable
  4. exercise my faith
  5. trust God
  6. feel a bond with those who live like this everyday
  7. and save our grocery budget to invest in the kingdom and in others.

I can NOT wait to see what kind of impact our church is going to have this year.  We’re partnering with other area churches that are part of the Church of Cincinnati!  (PS.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I’m part of a church that is part of The Church of Cincinnati!)  😉

I’ll share how my family does and how the whole community does with you at the end.  😉

Who’s with me?

Let’s Eat Cheaply and Change the World!!  

And to get you even more excited about beans and rice….here are some rice and bean recipes that look good to me.

1. Rice and Bean Confetti Bowl from A Bird And A Bean


2. Rice and Garbanzo Bean Kale Salad from Nourishing Meals

grain and bean salad


3. Garbanzo Beans and Rice (Arroz con Garbanzo) from Cheap Vegan

arroz con garbanzo

4. Asian Style Fried Rice and Beans from Better Homes and Gardens

rice and beans bhg


5.  Dilled Adzuki Bean and Rice Salad from Nourishing Meals

dilled adzuki bean and rice salad

6.  Spicy Summer Black Bean Salad from Nourishing Meals

spicy black bean salad

7. Curried Rice Kidney Beans and Peas from All Recipes.

vegan curried rice

8. Coconut Lime Rice and Black Beans from The Sweets Life

black beans and coconut lime rice

9. Cheesy Rice and Bean and Chicken Bake from The Tasty Kitchen


10. Chili and Lime Rice and Beans from She Knows

chili lime rice and beans

11. Slow Cooker Black Bean and Rice Soup from Kalyn’s Kitchen


12. Tuscany Rice and Bean Soup from Easy to Be Gluten Free


13. Rice and Bean Burgers from Eden Organic


14. North Indian Rice and Beans (Rajma Chawal) from Archana’s Kitchen


15. West Indian Rice and Beans from Serious Eats


16. Brown Rice and Black Eyed Peas from 5 Dollar Dinners.


17. Japanese Rice and Red Beans from Bebe Love Okazu


18. Curried Rice and Lentils with Caramelized Onions from 5 Dollar Dinners


19. Calypso Rice and Beans from My Recipes


20. Coconut Rice and Beans from 5 Dollar Dinners


21. Costa Rican Rice and Beans with Fried Egg from Fine Cooking


22. Baked Rice and Beans from Roxana’s Home Baking


23.  Gluten Free Garbanzo Beans and Spinach from Stockpiling Moms

Stew of chickpeas and spinach with cod on a  table with a tablecloth

24.  Crockpot Red Beans and Rice from The Thrifty Jinxy


25.  Corn and Black Bean Salsa from A Little Moore


26.  Cuban Black Beans and Rice from Love Bakes Good Cakes


mexican rice and beans


 29.   Black Bean Burritos (and a pizza!)  from The Little Things Journal


30.  Quinoa and Black Beans from Wanna Bite


31.  And this guy. I couldn’t find a link or recipe.  But, you get the picture.   😉

rice and bean bear

I wrote a post about how exactly I taught the kids what the heck we were doing and why we were eating rice and beans for every meal all week long!!  :)  I hope you find it helpful!


I have even more fabulous recipes on my Beans and Rice Pinterest Board.   Check it out here.


And to make it even more fun, follow along with all the participants of beans and rice week by using #beansandriceweek on social media.  You won’t be sorry.  😉


We are so glad you are here!!  Want to check out more from A Bird and A Bean?

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  1. La'Keyta Rayford says

    Hi, thank you for this post. I also attend Crossroads and like you I am excited for this experience. This posting has given me some great ideas on how to jazz up rice and beans!!

  2. Jeanne Dittrich says

    We,too,attend Crossroads and are so excited to see what the results will be when we all “move” to make something happen! Thank you for the recipe ideas…we will definitely be trying a few!


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