christmas gift list ideas


Christmas Gift List Ideas   If you are looking for some great Christmas gift ideas for kids, look no further! Check out our list. I’m going to share with you our very favorite toys, the ones that get played with again and again and again. I do a lot of research before buying or asking…Read More

A Contributor Christmas :: Elf on the Shelf and Custom Card Giveaway


I just love all of my sweet contributors.  ‘A Bird and A Bean‘ wouldn’t be the same without them.  And I am super excited to tell you that two of our lovely ladies are offering one great Christmas giveaway, right here, just for A Bird and A Bean readers!  Aren’t they so sweet?!  LOVE THEM!…Read More

Pinecone Trees


My kids love crafts.  Really, I suppose all kids do!  I mean, what’s not to love?  And the messier the better.  Glue?  Glitter?  Clay?  Cutting things into tiny pieces for me to pick up.  Then yes, they’re all in!   We broke out some of our Crayola goodies and got crafty the other day when…Read More

How to Give Your Elf on the Shelf Bendy Arms & Legs


We love our Elf on the Shelf.  His name is Alfie.  The kids think it’s so much fun to find where he is hiding or what funny thing he got into every day.  And I love watching them!  Ahh.  Memories.  Honestly,  I have just as much fun trying to think of funny things for him…Read More

Handmade Aroma Jar

aroma jar 6

We cut our own tree from a local tree farm. Not because we’re wildly ‘GREEN’ or anything like that. It started as just a great opportunity for a bunch of boys to get to hack away at a tree with a saw.  But it’s evolved into wonderful yearly Christmas tradition which conveniently involves a sharpened…Read More

Holiday Bingo Set :: Free Printable


Christmas is more fun when you spend it doing quality family time. Around the Proffitt household, that means playing games. Lots of them. My boys are into any game (they still think the Quiet game is tons of fun…suckers!) but one that they always come back to is Bingo. Lately we’ve still been playing the…Read More