Water Blob Pillow Tutorial


Are you looking for a water blob pillow tutorial?  GREAT!  You’ve come to the right place.

I made this bad boy the other day while the cousins were over.  Um, yeah, they LOVED it!  I was a hero.  And I like being a hero!  :)

I had planned on making this water blob pillow for the kids to play with weeks ago.  I first saw it on floating around Pinterest and that led me to The Clumsy Crafter.   I read her tutorial and I bought all the necessary items (and several extras) and got busy…..and then, I ran out of duct tape, of course.   I finally remembered to buy more duct tape…. and then it started raining…And it rained for like two weeks straight!  So, here we are.   It was worth the wait!  This thing was fun!

What I used:

  • glitter (and more glitter)
  • blue food coloring (and a little more food coloring)
  • spongy animals
  • thick plastic drop cloth (at least 3 mil thick)
  • duct tape (and then more duct tape)

What I did:

  • Dissolve your spongy animals out of their pellets.  (What a strange sentence!)
  • Fold your plastic drop cloth or plastic sheeting in half.  
  • Tape up the three open sides.  I rolled each side 3 times before taping.  And then I taped at least two rows of tape.
  • Leave a small opening on one side for the hose.
  • Stick your spongy animals into the opening.  Add the glitter.  Add the food coloring.
  • Put the hose in the opening and turn it on.
  • When your water pillow is as full as you like, take out the hose and tape up the opening.  (you will most likely need help with this part, as it is difficult nearly impossible to do that alone, unless you have at least three hands.)


The kids had so much fun!  They loved running, jumping, rolling, balancing (made even more fun while other people are running), surfing, kicking, flipping, and finding all the little sponge animals.



water-blob-4 water-blob-5 Make your own water blob today!  We just LOVED it.  It gets holes.  It leaks.  That’s OK.  It makes it more fun.  Kind of like a water pillow / slip ‘n slide.  I kept the tape handy to repaired the gaping holes.  You only get ‘gaping’ holes when they stab it with sticks and then pick at it!  But, other than that it lasted hours and hours and hours.  We can’t wait to fill it back up and do it again.  But, right now it’s raining!  BAH!

Also, I recommend, if possible, not cutting the grass the day before you make a water blob pillow!  There were grass clipping stuck all over the kids and also in every crevice.  😉  Nice.  Whoops.


  1. says

    This is on our summer bucket list! I was just going to stick to plain water, but I will have to poke around the house to see what we can add. Did the glitter get all over the lawn when you emptied it?

    • Erin says

      The glitter was so fun. There was some glitter on the lawn, which was fun. :) My husband might use a different word. haaha


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