Simple Quilted Easter Decor

Hi Bird and Bean readers! It’s Emily from Nap-Time Creations and I’m here again to share a fun and easy sewing project.

Today I’d like to show you how to make this easy quilted Easter decor. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this simple sewing project.

Quilted Easter decor

You will need 3 circle cork boards, fabric scraps and some felt Easter shapes. I found these Egg shapes at IKEA, but you could always just cut out some egg and chick shapes from felt. I also found the corks at IKEA.

Quilted Easter3

I created three different quilted patterns. I didn’t measure when I cut… I just wanted the scrappy look. You will need to cut the fabric 1-3 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the cork circle. You can make some all the same size, or really mix it up.

Quilted Easter

This one I sewed all the lines on an angle.

Quilted Easter2

And this one I just went crazy and sewed small patches in a row, then joined them with a small strip of fabric.

Quilted Easter4

Measure to make sure you have a good size. You will need enough to stretch to the backside and staple.

Quilted Easter1

Start by stapling four different opposite sides, then work around between those staples attaching as you go.

Quilted Easter5

The back will not look pretty, but I didn’t care… no one will see it. If you really mind you could cover the backside of this with a felt circle. I did trim the extra fabric.

Quilted Easter6

Place your felt shape on top and glue to hold.

Quilted Easter7

Cute, right? I just love the way this looks. You can hang just one, or attach them together with a ribbon like the first photo.

Quilted Easter9

It also looks great just like this. I’ve hung them up in our home and we are loving the bright Easter colors. Quilted Easter decor

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