Woodland Creature Bedroom Reveal


I am so excited about this room reveal!

I’ve mentioned it a bit before, but The Bird’s bedroom has been a work in progress for a little while.  She was still in a crib when we moved into this house and I was 8 months pregnant and on bedrest with The Bean.  We quickly needed her crib, so she got a big girl room without much thought or decorating.  Kevin painted her room pale pink and I bought a cute shabby chic comforter set from Target and that was that.   It was perfect and girly and lovely.

I’ve also mentioned that The Bird isn’t really a ‘shabby chic, frilly, lacy’  kind of girl.  She’s more the ‘outdoor-sy animal lover’ and less the ‘tea party-princess gown’ type.

She’s been begging for an animal room for a long time.  (And by animal room…..she totally means wild animals and animal print with a side of Turtleman.)  But, even if I had a vision to pull that kind of room off, we can’t afford to re-do her whole room from top to bottom, especially since everything in it is still perfectly fine.  So, I decided to “tweak” her current room to suit her tastes.  Funny Bird.  We went with woodland creature.

And I just LOVE the way it turned out.  And even more importantly SHE LOVES THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!  She is thrilled and couldn’t be happier!

Come on in and take a peek.



room1 room2

These antlers are BY FAR Lucie’s favorite part of the room!  My husband went hunting with his uncle when he was a kid and he got a deer.  It’s deer skull has been sitting on top of our garage fridge since we’ve been married.  Lovely.  Well, I decided it needed to meet a saw and some spray paint!   (I asked Kevin if he minded first….he didn’t!!)  ;)


These adorable hand block printed pillows come from Laura Frisk’s shop on Etsy.   I love them and her shop is so full of awesome that it was hard to choose!  They are perfect.


This little plastic guy was left for us in our garden at our old house by previous owners and he moved with us…. because we like squirrels …..and he became our mascot.  He got a few coats of white spray paint and a new home inside!



I bought these bunny drawer pulls at Anthropologie in their after Christmas sale for a couple of bucks!  Sweet!



I painted the chalk board house on her wall when she was 2 and I realized she was just going to keep drawing on my walls, so I better just go with it.  She’s never drawn on a wall since!   :)


Lucie’s second favorite part of this room are these prints from Wallfry on Etsy.  She LOVES them.  And so do I!!  I have an awesome giveaway going on for your choice of 4 prints from her sweet shop!  Check it out!


I knew I needed a few more fun new cushions for the day bed to really bring the room together.   I love these faux bois log bolsters from Lisa And Sons on Etsy.   They are just perfect.  You can check out my review here and also snag yourself a code to save 10 percent off of your oder there.   She has some awesome eclectic patterns.



And my personal favorite part of the room is the awesome new birch wall.  I stenciled it with a reusable wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and it turned out so great!  LOVE.  I have an awesome giveaway and review of the stencil coming up in a few days….so stay tuned for that!


The hedgehog bean bag is from IKEA and the toadstool stool is from Hobby Lobby (with a 40 percent of coupon, of course!)


I decided to break out the freezer paper and fabric paint to update the bunting with silhouettes of animals.  I loved the bunting and couldn’t part with it.  And now that it has animals on it, she loves it, too!  :)  You can see my freezer paper tutorial here.




I didn’t feel like going to the store to buy a white switch plate….so I covered the old one with washi tape!


I hope you enjoy the room as much as we do.  Updated to The Bird’s tastes on a budget!  I hope you got some good ideas for your own budget room updates.

Let me know.  I would love to hear from you!  :)

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It turned out great Erin!! The stenciled wall is perfect and those pillows are just adorable!! The Bird looks totally smitten with her new room:)


  3. Erin,
    What a great transformation! I especially love the animal prints on the wall and the animal pillows. Also the room looks so bright and inviting. What a great job. I’m going to have to show this to my daughter who is in the middle of deciding what to do with her room too! Thanks for the informative post, I really enjoyed reading it.


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