Valentines Pillow Sewing Tutorial

Hi Bird and Bean readers… I’m super excited to be here again with another sewing tutorial. Today I’m sharing a fun and easy Valentines Pillow Sewing tutorial. You can make this with or without a sewing machine… so its great for anyone! Take a look at this cute Valentines Pillow:

Valentines Pillow

Okay… So to get started you need a white pillow case {I got mine on clearance at IKEA} and this heart template, and some valentines colored felt. {oh and you will also need some embroidery floss} If you want to make the pillow from scratch here are two tutorials for sewing a pillow case. 1. A pocket pillow tutorial 2. Pillow case with piping.
Use the template to cut out several hearts {as many as you want}
 Now, get creative with some hand sewing. Sewing some small hearts on top of large ones and sew around the edges of others.
Now, arrange the hearts on top of your pillow {or just the front of the pillow if you are making your own}
Stitch the hearts onto the pillow cover with a sewing machine OR with hand-sewing.
If you are using a machine, this is a great time to play around with any fancy stitches your machine might have!
add a pillow form and enjoy!
 I also added a pink ribbon to the bottom of the pillow because I had it {ha!} I just used a simple zig-zag to attach the ribbon to the case.
and thats a wrap for another month! I’ll see you back here in February. I hope you are inspired to make your own Valentines heart pillow!
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  1. So cute and festive!!