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Is there a place near and dear to you that you or a person that lives far away that might like a little piece of home? Well, then this is the project for you!

Once upon a time I moved to Kentucky when I was 17. I cried about it for weeks and complained after we got here but many years later I still live here and am proud to call this place my home.

I love changing out our pillows often and when I found these chevron pillow covers for less than $5 at Hobby Lobby after using my 40% coupon I knew it needed something extra.

To make this you need:

Pillow Cover

Scrap of fabric and felt

template of your state (google, cricut, sillouhette)

Spray Adhesive (optional)

sewing machine

I had a template for the state of Kentucky. It is a very curvy little state so I did mine on the embroidery machine because I could, this doesn’t mean you need one to do this project!

Here are state templates that you can print out!

Trace the outline on the fabric and then sew to the felt. Play with the stitches on your machine to see what you like best. I like the stitching and outline to make it fray.


To Fray take the blade of your scissors and gently scrape the fabric. The felt behind the fabric makes this task easier!


I like to use fabric friendly spray adhesive to spray to my applique when I place it on. It isn’t permanent but it is much easier than pins and it keeps it in place while I sew.

I sprayed the Kentucky applique on the back and pressed firmly where I wanted it to go.

Next move to your sewing machine.

Since this is a pillow cover just unzip it and line up your needle where you are ready to start. If you frayed yours like I did mine, you must sew inside your line.


Next get ready to stuff! You can buy pillow forms or just reuse one you already have!

pillow6 pillow done

All done! Enjoy it yourself or send it on to someone who might be missing home as much as you miss them!

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  1. I love this project!! I’m impressed with people that work with appliques! I’ve done it once when I was first starting my adventures in sewing and I haven’t tried it since. It was a little bit stressful for me. This sounds like an easier project to tackle though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Steph! This project looks nice and easy. I hope it’s easy to work on too. I would like to try my sewing skills starting with this one. Thanks!