Star Garland – For New Year’s Eve

I’m so thrilled to be here today with my first contributor post. I’m
really excited to show you this fun glitter star garland that would be
just perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. And…. its easy enough you can
still make it in time!
Before we get to the garland tutorial, let me answer the question you are asking…
YES! I did cover my wine bottle with Mod Podge and glitter! Doesn’t it look festive?
Star Garland

Today I’m going to share how I made this simple garland and how you too can make it, even in time for a party next week.

First, you will need:

White felt for stars. I used this star template
Blue {or any color} embroidery floss. Around 10 ft. or longer
Spray adhesive {or glue}
glitter color of your choice
Felt Stars
 I used three different size stars, cut out one star for about every five inches of garland you want to make. Next, thread a needle and sew them together. Leave a bit of space between each star.
star garland
 I just did one large stitch in all the stars, except for the big stars, I put two stitches in them. Hold the garland above the floor/table as you sew to keep it from tangling and lay neatly as you go.
I used spray adhesive, then shook glitter on one side, flipped and did the other side. You could also brush on a bit of Mod Podge and then shake glitter.
glitter garland
I was able to spray and glitter several stars at a time, flip those same 4/5 and then move on. After glittered, hang up to dry.
glitter garland
I find photographing garlands very hard! I can’t seem to get a good angle to show how long it is, or how it drapes… If you have garland photography tips, please send them my way!
Here are the glitter stars on a dark background.
glitter star garland
 and my attempt to show how long it is… My garland is probably 15 ft. long… plenty to decorate around a doorway or table…
star garland
 You did it! Now its time to enjoy the party! This glitter star garland would work for a party any time of year, but since New Year’s in on my mind…make a star garland for your New Year’s gathering next week. You can store for future use too!
New Years star garland

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