DIY Advent Ornament Tree Tutorial


Hi! I am Steph from A Little Moore I am so excited to contribute to A Bird and a Bean! At my house we love the Christmas season and we are known to get our tree up early, have the Elf on the Shelf, have St. Nick visit and every other event we can do stay in the Christmas spirit! So, the advent season is one that helps keep us focused on some of the more important things in life family focusing on each other and our Savior. This year we made a DIY Advent Ornament Tree.

To make one for yourself you need:

Polymer Clay

cookie cutter

a straw


Letter Stamps (although not necessary, writing with a sharpie marker works great too!)

acrylic craft paint


To make get your kids to help out and have them roll our the polymer clay.

Cut out shapes with a cookie cutter. We decided to just do stars but this is your tree so go crazy!

We used letter stamps that I found in the dollar section of Target made for scrapbooking.

Press the letters into the clay.

Use a straw to make the hole which you will need to be able to hang them!

Bake according to the packaging. (each polymer clay varies slightly!)

Once baked and cooled it is time to paint!

We chose a yellow paint which we mixed with gold metallic paint for a hint of shimmer.

Tie your string and arrange them on your tree!

Each of our ornaments have an activity for our family to do, read, play or eat together. Here is our list but add your own ideas to create the best memories for your family! You can do these in any order. I chose not to number mine but you can do what works best for your family!

1.R.A.K. Do a Random act of kindness

2 .Donate Toys

3. Look at the stars

4.Wrap presents

5. Read Luke 2:1-20

6. Call a loved one

7. Serve at Church

8. Make hot cocoa

9. Set up nativity

10.Watch a movie together

11. Take a family picture

12. Serve the needy

13. Write Cards

14. Go Caroling

15. Have a family dance party

16.  Make snowflakes

17.  Family Game Night

18. Look at Christmas Lights

19. Serve someone

20. Give a gift

21. Send a thank you note.

22. Pray as a family

23.Make neighbor gifts

24. Make a Craft

Have a blessed Christmas season! Can’t wait to see what you all make!

Steph blogs over at A Little Moore.  She likes to make things.  The best things she has ever made are her three kids Alaina, Sam and Avonlea.  Her  projects are fueled by copious amounts of Diet Coke a supportive hubby and an untamable love for Jesus.  Life.  Family.  Crafts.

Connect with Steph.  You’ll be so glad you did.

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