Simple and Cheap Halloween Decorations


I really love holidays.  And I stinking love Halloween.  I can’t help it, it’s just so fun!   There are all kinds of awesome Halloween projects that we’ve tried.  Some of my favorites are my wreath, these easy vampire-bite cupcakes, the floating ghosts that the kids made, and delicious deviled eyeballs.

Of course, I also adore simple and cheap Halloween decorations.   So I really, really love this project.  I mean, I didn’t even have to buy anything!  I had everything I have on hand.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!!   And it seriously would only take you minutes to do the whole house!  The kids can even help.

And,  I make these little guys every year but I change the faces up a bit.  Last year we had smiling ghosts.  :)  I just love how eerie the little ghosties look in my windows and on my mirrors.  All frosty and creepy, almost like they aren’t even there.  But they are!



What you need:

  • press and seal wrap  (not regular plastic wrap…it has to be able to be pressed on the glass and stick)
  • scissors
  • paper and pen

What you do:

  • Draw a ghosty shape on your paper.
  • Tear off a similarly sized piece of the wrap.
  • Place it over your sheet of paper with the ghost drawn on it.
  • Cut out the ghosty
  • Press him on your window or mirror.
  • Boo!






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  1. Very cool! I think I know what the kids and I are doing tomorrow! ;)