DIY Slip-on Felt Coasters


These DIY Slip-on Felt Coasters double as wine tags and are a super simple and inexpensive way to save your tables and mark your wine glasses.  I’ve seen some cute felt coasters on Etsy lately, but they are about 30 dollars for a set of 4.  I’m sure they are hand-felted, but I can’t afford that.

I do love the look of the cut out felt these days, though.  And I love the idea of the coaster staying with the glass.  And I also love the fact that they double as a drink marker and wine tag.  So, I came up with a dollar store solution.

I made a set of 4 for 2 dollars!!

These felt coasters dress up a party.   Just slip them on the bottom of your stemware and they double as a wine tag.  Or place them under stemless glasses.

And they only take minutes to make.


What you need:

  • felt coasters (Dollar Tree. They come 4 per package, so one package makes 2 slip-on coasters)
  • hot glue and glue gun (on hand)

What you do:

  • Open your coasters and set two aside.   These are the bottoms.  
  • Take the remaining two coasters and cut out the very middle of them.   Remove middle.  Discard (or save for some other craft.  A barrette?  A wreath?)
  • Then cut three –  four slits from the middle opening to the edge, but not cutting all the way through the very edge.  These are the tops.
  • Get the bottom coasters that you set aside a minute ago.  Put a small dot of glue all around the bottom along the very edge.  
  • Line up your top coaster with your bottom coaster and press them together.
  • Slip on your wine glass.
  • Enjoy your party!  :)   Or give them as a hostess gift with a bottle of wine!

felt-coasters-1 felt-coasters-2


  1. says

    These are so lovely, I was just wondering have you tried using glass coasters before? I Have tried several types of coasters before but fell in love with glass coasters more.

  2. Susan Molineaux says

    I’m so glad to have found these DIY coasters, I have been using some paper slide on coasters that I purchased from a restaurant probably 10 years ago and have almost used them up. My question is about finding the coasters at Dollar Tree, I bought 10 packages at my local store last week (all they had), went to a different Dollar Tree yesterday and they had none. Just looked at website and don’t see them there either, any suggestions?

    • Erin says

      Oh I am so glad you are going to make these. You can make 20 coasters with 10 packages. If you need more you will probably have to ask at your Dollar Tree. They might know when a new shipment will come in. I guess you can call all of your local Dollar Trees and ask. Mine didn’t have them the last time I went. But, they might get more in time for Christmas. They often change it up with the colors or designs, but have similar things for each season. Good luck!


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