I’ve been in the mood to plant stuff lately, but it’s still a little too cold outside.  So, the kids and I made some toy-ariums the other day!  Um yeah, they LOVED it.  :)

I saw the toy-arium idea at The Gro Project, where there are a bunch of simple and cute little gardening projects you can do.


What you need:

  • globe vase or fish bowl (I got ours at the Dollar Tree)
  • pebbles (I also got them at the Dollar Tree)
  • soil or potting mix (like Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix)
  • succulents or flowers (I used Hens and Chicks, because I had some and because I LOVE THEM!)  :)
  • little plastic toys.  (From all around my house!)  The kids really loved gathering these up for this project.

What you (the kids) do:

  • Put a layer of pebbles in the bottom of your vase or bowl.
  • Spoon in a nice, thick layer of soil.
  • Make a small hole and plant the succulent.
  • And now for the best part.  Make a little scene with your choice of toys.  The Bird went with squinkies and The Bean chose dinosaurs.   They loved placing them and moving them and putting more pebbles and changing it.  Too cute.
  • Spray your little scene as necessary every few days, before it gets dry.

That’s it.  Aren’t they too cute?  We had a lot of fun doing this little project and the best part is now we have something green to enjoy inside until it gets warm enough to plant outside!  I can’t wait to get out there and work on our garden.  I’d like to try out something like the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit on my  little garden this year.  I really do love gardening but I’m kind of a black thumb so I need all the help I can get.

Check out The Miracle Grow Pinterest page for more fun garden projects to get your creative gardening juices flowing.

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  1. Maria Iemma says

    Great activity for the kids, I love the dinosaurs…we have the same ones at our house. I think I will let the kids play with the dirt and have fun.

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