Earth Day Project Round Up

Earth Day a few days away and I love it!  Well, OK, I love any reason to have a fun themed day!  Check out these simple Earth Day ideas that we’ve done, and some more that I think look awesome and I can’t wait to try!  Click on each link to be taken to the original posts.

1.  DIY Bird Feeders (A Bird And A Bean) earthday8

2. Dirt Cups (Eat at Allies)


3.  Ways to Incorporate Creation in Earth Day (Beyond the Cover)


4.  Paint A Plate Earth (The Chaos and The Clutter)


5.  Earth Cupcakes (A Bird And A Bean)


6.  Coffee Filter Earths (A Bird And A Bean)



7.  Tissue Paper Earths  (Share and Remember)


8.  Ombre Pillow  (Pink When)


9.  Make a Terrarium  (Close to Home)



I have some thoughts about Earth Day. I know it’s one of those silly little days that you can easily miss without even knowing it. (My husband thinks it’s dumb!)

But I think it’s important to teach my kids to love our planet …..well….because God made it.

I want to teach environmental responsibility by showing the direct relation to God’s creation. I don’t want to be fanatical here (or any area) but I feel like it’s simple enough to emphasize that the little we do actually CAN make a big difference.

Earth day gives me a great and easy opportunity to talk about our world that we live in AND ignite my kid’s natural curiosity about God’s creation. (And to teach them that since we have Christian values ….we are also concerned about the environment.)

There’s a lot of secular material and propaganda aimed at green living these days….(most of it I love) but there is some wacky out-there crazy stuff, too. But, I feel like it’s just as easy to look at it from a biblical standpoint.

God ordained stewardship of this earth that He has given to us.  Simple.

Yes, God IS in control over His creation.  But His creation is not here for our amusement or for us to destroy, but to bring glory to Him in heaven. He has given us a privileged place among all the creatures and commanded us to exercise stewardship and care-taking. He wants us to intelligently manage the resources He has given us. I want to be a true steward of God’s creation (and everything else he has blessed me with too……ummm, which is everything!)  :)

Ok, stepping off of the soapbox  :)  Sorry.  It’s been one of those weeks.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Maria Iemma says

    I love your ideas to celebrate Earth Day. Specially the tissue paper earth. Very creative, easy and educational

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