Baked Egg … a Biscuit


Baked Egg in a Biscuit.  This is an easy brunch idea or a simple breakfast recipe.  The look kind of fancy (yeah, I don’t get out much), but are oh. so. easy.

I made these little lovely eggs inside biscuits for the fam for Valentine’s Day this year.  I tend to make breakfast for Valentine’s Day because I find it easy to make breakfast foods into hearts.  :)  (pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, cinnamon rolls, strawberries, pink milk, ya know?)

The past several years I’ve made “eggs in baskets” (some people call them “egg in a nest”) with the heart cookie cutters.

But this year I wondered what would happen with a biscuit.  So, I tried it out.  They were fantastic.  And I think they look so pretty too.  I’m sure they would be WAY, WAY better with homemade biscuits…..but I went with a can.  *gasp*   :)

You could use a cup just to cut out a circle, if you aren’t into hearts…..or….how about a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, an egg shape for Easter….snowman, Christmas tree, the possibilites are endless.  :)  haha.


What you need.

  • a can of biscuits …..or a good recipe!
  • A cookie cutter to make it a cute shape….or a cup to make a circle.
  • eggs

What you do:

  • You can do one of two things.  I tried both ways to see what worked best and it was really the same both ways.  Both ways worked, as you can see in the pictures.  You can’t really tell which one is which after they are done.  And they aren’t on the plate very long anyway!  
  • Way one.  Cut out the hearts from the biscuits before you bake them. (this way made the hearts look a tiny, little bit distorted, as they baked) Or
  • Way two.  Bake the biscuits and then cut the heart out of the baked biscuit.  (this way tended to smoosh the biscuit down a tiny bit as you were cutting through the baked biscuit, unless you are gentle and patient….which I am not.  :) )
  • Bake the biscuits about 4-5 minutes less than the directions (on the can or recipe).  Remove from the oven.
  • Break an egg into each hole and put back in the oven until the egg is as done as you like them.
  • How easy was that?  :)  I like ‘em runny!  YUM!




I made some heart bacon to accompany!  To make heart bacon.. cut each piece of bacon in half and overlap each side in the shape of a heart.  Bake until crispy!

Nothing says love like heart-shaped breakfast meats!   heartbacon