Omron Challenge – Week Three


Week three is here!!  I can’t believe we are at the half way point of the MamavationOmron Fitness challenge already.  This week has been kind of hard, I had sick kids which was un-fun.  Glad everyone is healthy for this coming week …..and that I didn’t get it!  I counted “points” with my husband who just joined Weight Watchers, so that was interesting.  I only lost 1.4 pounds this past week.  Which is a little disappointing since I was working out everyday, getting at least 10,000 steps in and eating right.  But, 1.4 pounds is better than nothing……and I am totally going to call it a pound and a half!  haha.  I’ve lost 6 pounds since week one and 8.6 since the application.  So, not too shabby, just wish it was faster and easier!  haha.  I’ll keep wishing.  ;)

This week brings us a new workout schedule for the remainder of the challenge.  Too bad.  I’m just getting slightly better at the first workout schedule!  Of course, I’m still sore and I still look like a 90 year old man getting out of the couch every time I stand up!  It’s not pretty.  (I grunt when I stand up, too.)  If you want to look at the first work out schedule, feel free to click on it in last week’s post.  If you would like to try out the new workout we are doing.  Click on it right here.  Omron_pt2


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  1. 1.4 lbs in a week is AWESOME! Keep up the hard work!

  2. I love that pic of the weights on the stairs — I almost took the same picture! (My youngest daughter wasn’t watching where she was going the other day, had her head down, came up behind me, and hit her head right into one of the weights I was holding…oops!) Hope you enjoy this week’s new workout!

  3. I think 1.4 lbs is AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

  4. You’re doing awesome! Just keep in mind the muscle vs fat thing. You’re probably losing more fat than you realize.

  5. that is awesome! i need to join a fitness program/challenge, especially after just having a baby!

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