diy yo gabba gabba shirts

The bird and the bean love Yo Gabba Gabba.   We don’t actually get the channel that it’s on, but we can watch it through the On Demand channel.  But, since it’s through On Demand there are only 2 or 3 episodes to watch per month…..over and over and over and over.  ARG.  They still love it and sing all the goofy songs.   It’s such a silly show.  But, they ADORE it.  And the characters are stinking cute.  
 I thought they needed to have some Yo Gabba Gabba shirts… I broke out the freezer paper and fabric paints.  :)  I made some for my friend’s kids too.  
It was pretty easy since the characters are simple. 
1.  First I printed out some pictures of the characters faces from the world wide web.   
2.  Then with a pencil I drew the faces on the freezer paper and cut them out.  
3.  I ironed them on the shirts and got busy painting.  
Here is a more detailed freezer paper tutorial.    
The only slightly difficult part were the eyes and Muno and Brobee’s mouths, since I had to go over a previously painted part.  I decided not to iron freezer paper on those parts because I thought it would mess up the paint that was already there.    So, I just free-handed the circles for eye balls and the teeth.  

The finished products……

I really like how they turned out and my kids love wearing them.  They get really excited when the shirts are clean again and come back into the laundry rotation.   :)




And a symbolic DJ Lance.  


  1. says

    So freakin adorable! We bought the Brobee shirt for way too much money and my son has already outgrown it. I never thought of making it myself. Thank you for the tutorial! BTW, you can also watch Yo Gabba Gabba episodes on YouTube as well. I know all about the lack of selection on On Demand. Happy to be your newest follower! -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

  2. says

    Everything you do is so cute. Saved the DIY tent instructions for future grandchildren and plan to copy the noodle one too. Love seeing pics of the kids.

  3. says

    Everything you do is too cute. Have copied the DIY for the fort and now the door catchers for future grandchildren! Love seeing the pics of the kids and hearing about all your adventures.

  4. Megan says

    Thanks for sharing! We made our own! Can’t wait for our first family outing wearing these!


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