celery stamp

We made cards and wrapping paper using celery recently!  The kids though this was absolutely hilarious and the results were actually really pretty.  It was a cheap and easy project that the kids LOVED.  Plus we ended up with cute cards and wrapping paper.  My kind of project.  
We used them for Valentine’s Day, but they would be great as Thank You cards, Get Well cards, Birthday cards or Easter cards!  And the wrapping paper was so cute.  Great for any gift.  You should try it the next time you chop up some celery.  :) 

Chop the ends off of your celery.
Dip in paint.
Stamp on paper.

Then of course we had to have a celery as a snack too.  I went with the classic ‘ants on a log’, but with almond butter and the most delicious orange cranberries!  Love those things.  :)  

Good ole’ celery!  
Stay tuned.  I have some GREAT giveaways planned and you don’t want to miss ’em.  The first one will start in a few days.  I can’t wait to give you guys some stuff!  



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