cinco de mayo

The kids and I made pinatas yesterday for Cinco de Mayo. The bird and I did the same project last year and it was such a hit that I figured the bean would love it, too. He was just a baby last year so he didn’t really get it. But this year he LOVED it. :)
Simple and quick pinata:

You need paper bags, candy, glue, tissue paper.

Have the kids glue tissue paper onto a paper bag.
Put some candy in it and tie it to a tree.
Pass out sticks and let them whack away.
I didn’t blindfold them, maybe next year.
Our bag took a long time to break since I only put a few pieces of candy in it. heehee.
The bean LOVED hitting it with a stick (or two) and he didn’t even know that candy was going to come out! But, now he knows.

I probably need to install some rules next year because we had a few close calls! Whoops.
Two sticks are way better than one!
So pleased that he found two Tootsie rolls!


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  1. How cute!! When my kids were little, we painstakingly made a huge bird pinata. My daughter burst into tears when the first kid hit it with a bat. It was our last pinata. :-)

  2. FUN! I was going to make some little pinatas with my students, but we ran out of time. (imagine!!)


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