coffee filter earths

I finally did think of a easy not too messy Earth day craft this morning. :) We have to make Easter treats and dye eggs today and tomorrow, so I wanted the Earth day project to be as low key as possible.
We made coffee filter earths!
You need:
  • coffee filters
  • blue and green markers
  • a spray bottle filled with water (or a rainy day)
You do:
  • Have the kids color the filters with the markers.
  • Scribbles are fine. (Actually better.)
  • Then spray it with water until the colors run together. (Or put them outside while it’s raining and watch the colors run from the window. Then dash out and grab them before the colors run too much.)
  • Put them on a paper towel to dry. They dry surprisingly fast.
  • Hang them on the window or fridge.
  • Cute, easy, fast. My fave.
This is a paper towel that one was drying on. Isn’t it pretty?


Happy Earth Day!!



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