indoor campout

Kevin had the fun idea to have a movie night with the bird last week. We’ve let her stay up with just us to watch a movie only once before. So, it’s a pretty big treat. But, to make this even more of a special event, he decided that they would “camp out” in the living room. My parents got her a cool sleeping bag as part of her Christmas gift and she wanted to test it out.

Kevin rounded up all the tents and tunnels and brought them to the living room and made a fabulous tent city. He rented Toy Story 2 (the only one that isn’t too scary for a 3 year old) and I made popcorn. I stayed for the movie and then was kicked out for “the daddy and Lucie camp out”.

It was such a great time and I had our bed to myself ALL NIGHT! Kevin was a real trooper. He stayed in the living room with her the entire night. He did move to the couch in the middle of the night – but they both slept in the living room…until 7:00 am!! Isn’t that too cute?! What a good daddy!
It’s a pillow, It’s a pet, It’s a pillow pet! Another fabulous Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa.

Lucie grabbed Kevin during a particularly suspenseful part……when Woody and Jessie are trying to jump out of the airplane. :)


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    Cute. We also got a tent for Christmas! It has a tunnel that we then connected to our previous tepee. The boys ran through it like an obstacle course!

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