diy packer shirts

My husband is from Wisconsin, so obviously was born a Packer fan. I, however, am from Cincinnati and so I really could care less. Since I have no serious ties to the Bengals, the kids and I are now Packer fans by default. Unless of course the Packers play the Bengals. Then it’s a different story, just because I want to be competitive. :)

Anyway, the Packers had a big game last Sunday and we had a little party. Kevin has many shirts to choose from for this occasion. The kids had a few, but most are infant sizes. I have none. So, I went to the craft room to remedy this situation. :) I made one for myself and one for the bean.

My good friend freezer paper came to the rescue! Check out that link for a tutorial. It’s so easy. You need freezer paper, a shirt, fabric paint, exacto knife, an iron, a picture of what you want on your shirt. (mine was clip-art I found online and printed.) I think they turned out great. Of course I’m convinced that the Packers won because I had the family dressed appropriately. The great news is now we can wear them again next Sunday for the SUPERBOWL! GO PACK!!!

I will leave you with two pictures of the bird in her original Packer gear from a few years ago…… I barely remember when she was that little! Wow! She was VERY excited. hehe


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  1. Love it!!!! We are Green Bay fans in Florida and usually in the minority! We still sport our Green Bay clothes though and got lucky enough to find a jersey and cheerleading outfit at a thrift store for the kids! They are too big for the kids now, but one day!!! :)

  2. Very cute! Sam is getting so big!!

  3. go packers! my nephew, anthony, lives in WI, his married family
    are gb fans, so we are too! Forest Gregg was a Bengal and Green Bay Coach. We 2 K and MJ are 4 GB