more 4th fun

We had a fabulous cookout with Kevin’s family while we were in WI. Fun times. The cousins got reacquainted and everyone had a great time. I made these cute little bags to give out to everyone. Thanks Paperwings and Eighteen25 for the idea and free printable. I filled mine with patriotic tootsie pops, tootsie rolls, snaps and a star necklace! I really liked the idea of doing all snaps, but didn’t have enough. :) Oh snap!

Kevin and Tony….and Kevin’s gross mustache.

Cousins and cupcakes.

Totally impossible to get a picture of kids with everyone looking. :)

The girls.

Dylan is giving Sam some advice, I think – how to be a good passenger when a girl is driving perhaps.

Lucie is so upset that it isn’t her turn on the car anymore. Drama. Oh…and Kevin’s mustache.

Aunt Jana.
Aunt Rachel and baby Roman.

I love watermelon pictures!

I love this picture – Daddy is dancing with the bird and the bean is doing what he does best. Finding something that looks like a stick and throwing it.

Tony and the bean.


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