earth day festival

We went to a little Earth day festival in a town near ours today. (Ft. Thomas) Kevin had to work, so we were bored. It was adorable and free. Not only was it free, but the farmers and vendors were all giving away things. I came home with…
three Dogwood tree saplings
two Roma tomato plants
two bottles of chemical free carpet stain remover
four bottles (little ones) of Sunny D
one bag of Smart Food popcorn
one bag of Sun chips
four boxes of raisins (I guess it would have been six, but we ate two while we were there)
one package of cool pencils made from newspapers
four really nice reusable grocery bags
two recycled Frisbees
a package of green bean seeds

That is some good loot! Lucie also got her face painted (a highlight for her) and she got to plant seeds of her own. She chose carrots. There were also some plants for sale, so I bought strawberry plants, kale plants and mustard greens. It was a great time. We also have good friends who live in Ft. Thomas, who happen to have chickens… we stopped by for a little visit. So, we came home with three fresh eggs too! :) Not to mention the yummy coffee, pancakes and raspberries that we ate at Maria’s house while we were hanging out. What a great morning. Now it’s nap time and it might even thunderstorm. Perfect day.

planting tiny carrot seeds.

“May I have one here, too, please?”
She has been making this face lately when I tell her to “smile”.

He has been making this face a lot these days. Getting a tooth maybe? Goofy kids.
Raking the worms in the vermicompost bin. She does love worms.

The bean with Moose and Carden. Sam is hogging the fruit bowl.

Collecting the eggs. Too cute.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of Sam’s face here! Hilarious!


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    Yeah – the vermicompost thing is super fun. My parents have had one for years one and Lucie adores helping grandpa feed the worms and rake them up and stuff. It’s cute. Worm was one of the first signs she made when she was a baby. It can get leaky and smell bad pretty easy though if you aren’t careful.

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