happy gifts

I got the coolest necklace in the mail from my friend Tracy this week!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I wore it to work yesterday and I got about 15 compliments. And I even believe 12 of them were really genuine! (Because 3 people said “wow-that’s interesting” or something similar- heehe) That’s OK – not everyone wants to be as funky as us! Good job Tracy!!! I even had 4 people ask where they can buy their own. (So, T you have some work to do.) She got the idea here, at Ruffles and Stuff. There is a tutorial, in case you want to try your own!
Also, I found out that it’s hard to take a picture of your own neck. …. And I am registered for a camera class in May. Yippee! I can finally take my fancy camera off auto!

I will leave you with pictures of the bean being an adorable stinker yesterday. He climbed into the baby doll crib (for the first – but clearly not the last time) and he thought it was hilarious!! He was quite proud of the whole situation. What a charming little rascal!

Very pleased with himself!
Taking a bow! heehee


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    YAY! So glad you love it! I will make as many as needed…for the right price, of course. :) hee hee.

    Sam seems to have a bit of his mom running in him! Always causing trouble,eh?

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