Erin Go Braugh

The cake says God Bless You in Irish (I think).

I love St. Patrick’s Day! I know & love the story of St. Patrick – but really I mostly love a reason to have a theme party! :) Plus, since my name is Erin…..kinda have to do something for St. Patrick’s Day. I was super excited when our small group announced on Monday that we would have a St. Patrick’s Day theme for our Tuesday night get together. Love all the green food. How about that cake?! We have a cake genius in the group.

As I went about my business at work on Tuesday afternoon, I thought about how sad I was that the kids didn’t have anything festive to wear to the party. So, when I got home, I got busy. I used Wonder Under fuse-able webbing to put a shamrock and a tie onto the kids clothes. So, easy. I used some old clothes and covered up stains!! Just iron the webbing onto fabric, cut out a shape and then iron it all onto the shirt! I also made the bird a little shamrock barrette. I made three hearts and glued them together to make the shamrock. I will use longer pieces of ribbon next time – to make it more shamrock-like. I know that it kind of looks more like a green cross than a shamrock – but it was my first ribbon barrette ever. I made the ribbon too short to start with. I was in a hurry. Better ‘luck’ next time!

But, what would Kevin wear?! Hummm. Then, I found this!! AMAZING! K adores Conan and we do miss him so. We used to DVR him to watch the next day. Conan is Irish – so this would definitely count! Right?! I have never made anything with the freezer paper method before. OH MY GOODNESS!! Are you kidding me?! I have no idea what took me so long to find this incredible stuff. I’ve always loved screen printed shirts and all the great ideas you can come up with, but who has the money for all that!! This is GENIUS!! I seriously made Kevin’s shirt in less than an hour. And I picked a way hard one to try first! Good thing Dana at Made did the hard part for me by making Conan’s face into the print. I love that! Next time – easy shapes. Now I want to freezer paper every stained shirt we own ! So easy and so cool. I just love the way it turned out. What can I make next? I am sure I will be making more soon.

Just a last one of Grandma and the bird taking the babies for a walk. Lucie LOVES Judah.


  1. Aunt Nancy says

    You are amazing, Erin. Way crazier than your mom and auntie were when you all were kids. Lovin’ the blog and all the cool stuff you’re doing. How does the freezer paper work? Want to do something cool for our team at the next Covington Quest.

  2. says

    Hey Aunt Nancy, I am glad you read the blog! We are having fun around here. The freezer paper thing is AWESOME! I just put a new post on with more detailed instructions. I think your people will love it! If you have a die cut machine – it would be even easier.

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